Saturday, April 18, 2009

They Still Don't RealiseThey're Government

Steven Fletcher isn't spoken of often. His appearances in the House are few and far between, but when he does speak, he seems to always find it necessary to insert a low brow partisan shot. In fact, his use of ad hominems is really quite staggering.

Reading this article therefore, wasn't really a surprise to me.

The event was hosted by the University of Manitoba Campus Conservatives on March 19 and billed as a chance to hear from Fletcher in his role as the minister of state for democratic reform.

Safruk said Fletcher spent most of the talk berating left-leaning student politicians, The Manitoban and the Canadian Federation of Students, referring to the newspaper as a "socialist rag" and repeatedly calling the CFS "loony."

The Conservative party seems not to have realised to this day that they are the government and have a responsibility to all Canadians. Of course Conservative policies are going to differ from Liberal and that is a valid debate to have, but these guys don't engage that way. They deride whomever they perceive to be their opponents and seem to forget that they are there for all of us.

You may not agree with the Liberal party policies, but I don't recall them using every photo-op, announcement or speaking engagement to Canadians as an opportunity to bash the opposition. There was a realisation that as government, you speak to all. You view the country as a unit, (diverse as it may be), not as we and them.

There are many things about this government that disturb me, but this constant need to divide, ranks right up there. It exposes the lack of maturity of the party and the thinking of those who inhabit it. It illustrates short term thinking that does nothing to move the country forward.

I think more attention needs to be paid to this manner of governance. Good on the University of Manitoba for highlighting it.


Anonymous said...

I was at this event, and all comments were made in a light-hearted and good natured way. This article is based on a few crybaby troublemakers speaking out and playing the victim. Talk about making a mountain out of an anthill.

I thought conservatives were supposed to be the ones with no sense of humour?

Sir Francis said...

...all comments were made in a light-hearted and good natured way. "Socialist rag". Yeah, that's a real rib tickler. What a dolt.

Moreover (and please have a sense of humour about this), Fletcher's Village People beard makes him look like a vintage mid-70's "Adventure Team" GI Joe who's been subsisting on a dozen hamburgers a day for years.

Anonymous said...

Good grief libs, attacking a handicapped person, is there no one you won't smear?

Anonymous said...

Sir Francis, unless you were at the event I don't think you can understand exactly what I mean by "light hearted". I mean that it was SAID in a light-hearted way, and that it was TAKEN in a light-hearted way. I didn't mean that some dipshit on the internet (you) would take it in the same way. "You had to be there", as the saying goes.

And as for your joke, yes I did find that funny. Does that make me a bad person? Are you going to write a letter calling for my resignation now? How about a human rights complaint?

Sir Francis said...

Does that make me a bad person?

No. It simply means you have good taste in jokes. Calling me a "dipshit" does make you a bad person, so I shall indeed require your resignation from this comment thread forthwith. Smartarse.

Anonymous said...

He said he can understand some students were disappointed Fletcher didn't spend more time talking about democratic reform, because that is how the forum was marketed on posters around campus. He spoke for 45 minutes, McCreary said.

Fletcher said he was invited to speak at an event hosted by student Conservatives and he went with the intention to discuss how Conservative principles benefit students.
"I think Conservative values are student values," Fletcher said. "I was there to speak about the Conservative party and the role Conservatives play on campus. I wasn't asked to be there in a general way."
Interesting. Did the student organizers mislead other students about the intended purpose of the meeting or is Fletcher not telling the truth?

Ken S from Ramara Tsp., Ontario said...

The difference between CPC and other parties is that other parties are willing to work with the CPC. The CPC exists to destroy other parties. It was not this way with the old PCs or provincial PC parties today. This is the root cause of the pending rift between old PCers and Reformers, within the CPC and will be their undoing as a unified political party.

RuralSandi said...

Having disabled/challenged siblings Anon, I think you're using a partisan "cheap" shot trying to say Libs attack disabled people.

My sister would be horrified at what you just said - why? She was physically challenged, but very intelligent and she would be insulted that a jerk like you would think her challenges would make her less of a person - to be treated as if she couldn't be debated on her views.

Shame on you - you are the one using the disability issue and a partisan attack.

People like you make me sick. You obviously don't know what the hell you are talking about.

You see, challenged people have pride and hate it when they are used like this and insulted that you wouldn't treat them as equals.

Anonymous said...

looks like these allegations were unfounded. a liberal, lying? gee who would have thought?!?!?!

KNB said...

Who's lying? Looks like he said - he said, to me and why would I take a Conservative rebuttal as any more factual than the complaints?

My point remains. When you are in government, you're role, unless speaking to party members, is not to promote your party affiliation.

It seems they even have you brainwashed at your young age to believe that this is acceptable. Sad.