Monday, April 20, 2009

We're Just Messin' With Ya

It's really something something to watch isn't it? Not only are the Conservatives playing at being a government, they are playing with their base. Sadly there are those that keep lapping it up, but I'm noticing that quite a few former loyalists have had enough. Good for them for waking up to the reality of a Harper led government.

The latest Alice in Wonderland chapter concerns the fanfare surrounding the gun registry. Most of us called this cynical move for what it was when it was announced, but Conservatives seemed convinced that their guy was finally doing their bidding. Well, guess what?

The Conservative government appears to be acknowledging its attempt to kill the long-gun registry is a lost cause.

Despite introducing an unusual Senate bill to great fanfare earlier this month, an official in the office of government Senate Leader Marjorie LeBreton says there's no timetable for a vote on Bill S-5 in the Liberal-dominated upper chamber.

All along this thing has been perplexing, because they were going against type. Meaning, they always rally to the 'law and order' calls and profess to support those who serve and protect. Except those who do serve and protect have never been in favour of getting rid of the registry.

A group representing front-line police officers came out swinging Monday against the Senate bill, saying it will compromise public safety.

The Canadian Police Association added that C-301, a private member's bill proposed by Tory MP Garry Breitkreuz, is even worse.

It's funny really, because the Conservatives round up their 'talk tough' MP's for panel shows and the always profess to have the backing of the police. It has always been a lie and many of us wondered why it's taken so long for some groups to speak up.

You know that hoary old adage that the Conservatives always drag out? The one about the registry attacking law abiding citizens and rifles not being a problem?

... Momy notes that of 15 police officers fatally shot in Canada during the last decade, 13 were killed with rifles or shotguns. Moreover, he says, long guns are used two times more frequently than handguns in spousal homicides and five times more in suicides.

Yep...just another lie that the Conservatives are actually comfortable feeding us.

For instance, Momy said a registered rifle found at the scene of the 2005 murder of four RCMP officers in Mayerthorpe, Alta., was part of the evidence that ultimately led to the arrest and conviction of two men for manslaughter.

I really don't understand how anyone can stand up for this party at this point. They have lied about the deficit, the recession, the economy, Income Trusts, the environment, funding in just about every portfolio, torture in Afghanistan, well just about everything. I imagine their base thought it was acceptable because it was the opposition that was being affected. Not so much anymore. Libertarians, PC's, fiscal Conservatives and some Reformers are bailing. Who does that leave?

I know. Sad isn't it?


Cari said...

I just had a terrible many open seats in the Senate...coming up?

The Mound of Sound said...

Their base still thinks the reincarnation of Preston Manning is going to lead them out of the desert. They find itt hard to accept what was to be rule by the many has turned into rule by but one. Julius Caesar got it from his supposed friends on the Senate house floor. Tell me if you believe for even a minute that Stevie Jo isn't keeping one eye over his shoulder every waking moment. He sure as hell is no Julius Caesar but the knives today are every bit as sharp.

Sir Francis said...

Who does that leave?

Sadly, it leaves the sizable agglomeration of squash-headed Condroids in the Prairies and B.C. who'll vote for a squirrel corpse impaled on a stick as long as it's a "Conservative"...