Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oh No! Not Honesty!

There is a brief report tonight that quotes Ignatieff as saying that in order to eliminate the deficit, it's likely that a government would have to do so through taxes.

“an honest politician” cannot exclude a tax hike as an option. “I am not going to load a deficit onto your children or mine,” Ignatieff said.

Unless you have some miraculous solution that no one else has thought of, he's speaking truth isn't he? And of course he's not the first person to mention this. Didn't David Dodge mention this recently? And then there is the GST. A tax cut that afterall was nothing more than a political calculation that sounded wonderful but has not had any meaningful effect except to deplete the government coffers.

At any rate, Ignatieff is not talking about raising taxes now. He was answering a question about the deficit and how to get out of the mess the Conservatives have created. You know, a mess yet again requiring the Liberals to clean up.

Facts though, as we know, mean nothing to the Conservatives. Indeed, they were all over the airwaves tonight trying to spin Ignatieff's words and scare Canadians. They're good at that. Scaring I mean. Their spin on the other hand is devoid of fact and reliant on information taken out of context. One spinner even made me laugh out loud. Tom Lukiwski, (who ironically some said had his own out of context fight not that long ago), actually said that the Liberal 'hidden agenda' was being revealed. Hidden agenda? Have the Conservatives had an original thought....ever?

Personally, I think we're starting to see how things might shake out in an election. One leader who might say what's uncomfortable but true, pitted against an absolute liar.

Trust the Conservatives to consider the truth a bad thing.


Sir Francis said...

Conservatives...were all over the airwaves tonight trying to spin Ignatieff's words and scare Canadians. The fact that the Harperoids actually think they have the slightest moral authority on fiscal matters makes me feel a little sorry for them. It's pathetic.

KNB said...

I'm afraid I can't bring myself to feel even a bit sorry for them.

Pathetic. That's not strong enough.

The story they put out tonight in my next post illustrates just how disgusting this gang is, imo.

wilson said...

'Unless you have some miraculous solution that no one else has thought of, he's speaking truth isn't he?'

Yes, taxes would have to be raised to pay for the Liberal platform of increased and new programs, such as National Daycare, reaching Kyoto targets, Kelwona Accord.

There are some factors today, that weren't around when Martin slashed the deficit.

Interest rates are VERY low, so the interest cost on the national debt even with the $80B projected increase,
will be lower than it was in 2007.

Canada has a structural SURPLUS of $6B, Kevin Page said so.

There is no tax applied at any time, that will not hurt the economy.

penlan said...

I'm absolutely positive that Harper will raise taxes at some point to reduce the debt - IF he stays in power. He is, after all, "Mr. Say One Thing, Do The Opposite."

Of course taxes will have need to be raised eventually & anyone can see that. Harper & thugs will spin the spin & lie as usual.

RuralSandi said...

Hmmm.... there is a history of the Conservative BS. Let's see now, their idol Reagan tripled the US debt and had to raise taxes. Hmmm, George Bush Sr. (read my lips, I will not raise taxes) raised taxes) and Mulroney raised taxes by creating the GST. Then - Bush Jr. lowered taxes and we know what happened there - economic crisis.

I guess we could say that Conservatives (so-called family values people) don't give a damn about their kids and grandkids. They also can't face truth and that's cowardly.