Friday, April 24, 2009

Below Contempt

We're appealing the ruling. No we're not. Yes we are, well maybe....we haven't decided yet. Yes folks, these are the people that like to call themselves our government. They still don't know which way is up in spite of no longer being new to the position.

I'm speaking of course of the reaction from the PMO to Lawrence Cannon's assertion in QP that the government will be appealing the ruling announced yesterday:

Federal Court Justice James O'Reilly issued a stinging decision yesterday that chastised the federal government at every turn for its failure to help the Canadian-born Khadr during years of "mistreatment" at the United States military base in Cuba.

O'Reilly concluded the "ongoing refusal" to press Washington for Khadr's release violates his charter rights and Canada's international human rights obligations.

"The principles of fundamental justice obliged Canada to protect Mr. Khadr by taking appropriate steps to ensure his treatment accorded with international human rights norms," O'Reilly wrote in a ruling that dismissed every government argument.

"To mitigate the effect of that violation, Canada must present a request to the United States for Mr. Khadr's repatriation to Canada as soon as practicable."

Cannon, imo, is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier and this is not the first time he's stuck his foot in it. His comments today in QP made it clear to me that this had been discussed and the decision made. He apparently didn't walk away with all the facts though, specifically the one on who would make the announcement and when.

As if that wasn't enough though, Cannon decided to turn up the rhetoric and lamely try to link Khadr to Trooper Karine Blais, who was being buried today.

I'm sorry, it doesn't get much lower than that. Not only is he attempting making a ludicrous connection between the two, he is using our soldiers, (yes our soldiers, because he made more than one comment about this), as a reason to keep Khadr out of Canada. This is what masquerades for respecting our troops with this government? Pathetic!

Why? Well as usual, they are playing to their base. The boneheaded portion of their base that is not interested in fact or rule of law, but more interested in making idiotic supposedly 'macho' comments that have nothing to do with how the Canadian government should conduct itself. It's beyond me why they feel the need to appeal to these people as their vote is secure. Gawd, they fawn over and excuse this PM even as he slags them. Given how the Conservatives have handled this issue from day one though, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.

What's really mind boggling though is the fact that this is happening as we learn more about the torture memos. Is the government finally saying clearly that it agrees that torture is acceptable? Is it saying that it is acceptable for certain Canadians?

It should make all of us nervous to know that this government is very selective about who they believe are Canadian citizens and who is entitled to our rights.


Anonymous said...

Sorry if I have to post under anon but my coputer has been acting up and for some reason it will not except my goggle password. Can anyone tell me how I can request a new password? It doesn't surprise one iota what this Reform Party and its ministers are capable od doing or what hogwash comes out of their lame brains and their mouths. For the life of me I can't understand how their followers keep eating the crap and drinking the Kool Aid. Doesn't this current government remind you a a little of a cult like leader ? Brain wash your followers and they will do anything to support him. Sad because these people have been brain washed, and not only will they suffer, so will their families. Have a great weekend.

Regards, Marie

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the typing errors but please read between the lines. Thanks; Marie

Anonymous said...

That face right there is what gives right-thinking children the willies, and with good cause.

It was despicable that minion Cannon was driven by desperation and knowing no better that he tried to diminish Canadian sacrifices in such a mean way.

Cannon should be ashamed of himself. Harper must speak to this disgraceful treatment of Canadians.

Thank you for keeping it front of mind, Liberal Arts and Minds. What with hockey, spring and thoughts of summer...
A tough row to hoe.

Someone's got to keep a watch.
Good job.


RuralSandi said...

They're probably waiting to see voter reaction. It's the votes that count and right and wrong and leadership doesn't mean a thing.

Cannon looks pretty rough. Lack of sleep or drinking or what I don't know, but he looks like hell.

He could have simply said "we haven't made a decision yet", but they just can't help screaming nasty partisanship.

sjw said...

They are too consumed incessantly barking over supposed Liberal tax increases to be terribly concerned about getting the file straight on Omar 'enfant terrible' Khadr. It's Comedy on the Rideau which is not very funny at all.

KNB said...

Marie, more than brain washed, I just think his supporters have been out of power for so long that they will abide anything to maintain it. Add to that that his base hates anything liberal/Liberal, so they will settle for lies, etc. so long as it comes from a Conservative.

It's hypocrisy of the highest order really and no, they seem not to be capable of looking forward to see the damage.

As to your password, I'm afraid I can't help. Did you go to blogger help? They usually have a solution for me when I need one.

KNB said...

Oh, I balance thoughts of summer with all things political JSPS.

Yes, that face is telling isn't it? I just wish more Canadians saw this kind of thing first hand.

KNB said...

No, they can't help themselves Sandi. It's clear though the tone that he was trying to set. The strategy came through loud and clear.

This kind of ideological line in the sand is going to do them no favours.

KNB said...

sjw, the tax nonsense is getting out of hand in my view. I'd like to see some strong rebuttal.

Sir Francis said...

Wow. Did Cannon stagger into the House of Commons minutes after waking up on a park bench? Guy looks like he's been bar-hopping in Tijuana for four days straight.

KNB said...

I know SF...damn cameras!

To be fair, I chose the shot on purpose. I'm not sure what has changed, but he does look better now.

He didn't yesterday though. That anger made what should be a fairly handsome man look pretty ugly.

Hate does that.

marie said...

Thank you knb. I took your advice and hopefully solved the problem.

keep up the great posts. As for Harper and his base, they are all the same. Brainless zombies with no live brain cells in their inflated heads.Why is Ignatieff not setting the of HOC straight about what was said and not what the Reform say's he said. Staert with Harper. Someone on another blog said he should say yes he did before hte government goes broke, Raise the GST because the only people who have extra money to spend is the rich and they should have to pay their full share, and call it a the Harper tax.