Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Guns, Guns, Guns

On the heels of Conservative MP Breitkreuz being uninvited to a Shooting Association dinner that was raffling a Beretta PX4 Storm “Canadian Edition” pistol, (it's claim to fame is how well you can conceal it), the government has decided to appease part of it's base and introduce legislation to repeal the gun registry. (note - the Dawson College shooting involved a Beretta CX4 Storm)

I know the Conservatives are scrambling to hang on to their base, but this just seems idiotic at a time when we are being bombarded in the news with gun and gang crime AND the government is strutting around telling everyone who will listen just how tough they are on crime.

Before some nitwit jumps to comments to tell me that, guns don't kill people, people kill people OR we're unduly crippling hunters and rural folk OR criminals don't register their guns and don't use legal guns OR that gangsta's don't use your breath and energy. All of these lame excuses can be refuted.

That's not the point though. The point is how the public feels. Yes indeed, Harper is going after or clinging on to a very specific audience, but the rest of us hear the news, know that guns are out of control in our society and I can't see how any move to make them easier to obtain and maintain is going to go over well, no matter how it's explained, spun.

The Conservatives will no doubt have all sorts of cute little names for their opponents on this, but I'd like to see Harper, Nicholson and Van Loan face this crowd and mock them (pdf) for their opposition.

Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police:

Our Association supports the licensing of all gun owners and regular renewal of
licences to ensure that the information about gun owners is accurate and up-to date.
We are proud of Canada’s international reputation as a country with
effective gun control legislation, and strenuously oppose any weakening of
Canada’s current firearms control regime.

In addition to the CACP, Canadians in general want stricter laws. According to a survey in 2001:

A 2001 Gallup poll found that 61 per cent want stricter laws governing the sale of firearms and 63 per cent believe gun ownership should be made illegal for ordinary citizens.

I can't say for sure, but contemporary times suggest those numbers probably haven't gone down.

It should be obvious with this move that Quebec has been completely written off by Harper. Recent polls suggest that he's not exactly soaring in Ontario either and I wonder who on earth the Conservatives think they are going to win over that they didn't already have?

On a day when there have been major raids by police in Toronto, I'd love Harper to come back to his old stompin' grounds and tell his former neighbours his plans.

Update - Ignatieff reaction.


Anonymous said...

What a limp wrist you have.

KNB said...

I presume you're the same insightful anon that was on the previous thread.

I don't know, you're getting a little too deep for me to follow.

Anonymous said...

"On a day when there have been major raids by police in Toronto"

I bet those criminals registered their guns.

KNB said...

You can read right?

I specifically said not to waste your breath, (energy), bringing up ridiculous arguments.

Bottom line, you guys lose on this one and the timing is really, really dumb.

ottlib said...

Actually anonymous the law of the land it all guns must be registered.

Not registering your guns is a criminal offence.

So all of those who have not registered their guns, including those supposed law abiding hunters and farmers, are now criminals.

So you are right those criminals do not register their guns.

True, most of these folks do not register their guns as a protest, an act of civil disobedience. However, you must remember that all acts of civil disobedience are, by definition, acts of breaking the law.

As for knb's point she is bang on. I am really wondering what the internal polling is saying for the Conservatives. Lately the actions they have been aiming at their base has had an air of desperation. The unveiling of this act today, the statements on immigration and other actions and statements have been exclusively designed to shore up that base.

It is beginning to make me think that the budget did more damage to the Conservatives amongst conservatives than the party or the media has been letting on.

KNB said...

ottlib, he's not a fiscal conservative anymore and really never was keen on the so-con agenda, so what kind of c/Conservative is he?

I say that to highlight what you suggest their internals must be showing.

I think this will be a big, big mistake.

Anonymous said...

You people are sure good for a laugh.

What's Iggy's big new plan, national daycare?


Anonymous said...

Your anointed leader speaks;

“I am a fan of the game of hockey, but not necessarily a hockey fan.”

What a loser. He's worse than Dion.

Anonymous said...

The Liberal crowd in T.O. sure isn't enthusiastic tonight, you'd think that they were at a funeral.

You guys are in deep trouble having Iggy as your leader.

Anonymous said...

'Smooth talker' hits rough patch
Our weekly review finds that the honeymoon between the Quebec press and Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff appears to be over.

KNB said...

I seriously don't know what the hell you are talking about anon.

Why don't you go back to your fantasy land and let the adults speak or read in peace.

Anonymous said...

In his Tuesday column, La Presse's Vincent Marissal coolly observed that Mr. Ignatieff seemed "at ease" in his role as leader, but opined there was nothing in Mr. Ignatieff's speech (including his appeal to nationalists) that Quebeckers hadn't heard before. Mr. Marissal went on to suggest that the Liberal Leader will have to flesh out some of his "general ideas" if he is going to have any chance of "destabilizing" the "very experienced Gilles Duceppe" in the next election.

In a Wednesday post to her blog, Voir's Josée Legault (who, admittedly, has never been much of a fan of Mr. Ignatieff) was much more blunt, writing "Michael Ignatieff is a classic 'smooth talker.' He likes to seduce people with his words ... but he rarely translates these beautiful words into action and does not hesitate to contradict himself if needed."

KNB said...

She's never been an Ignatieff fan? Ha! How about she's never been a Liberal fan. She claimed Justin Trudeau would lose, umm, because he was a smooth talker.

As far as what Marissal said...I say, fair enough. Ignatieff does have to flesh out ideas, with more than just Quebecers. Tough to do as opposition leader in terms of timing, but I'd hardly call any of what you've cited as the Quebec press suddenly going after Ignatieff.

Steve V said...

Ya, that close to one million the Liberals are raising tonight- must be a real wake there. Good call brainiac.

I smell fear :)

Steve V said...


Apparently the honeymoon for Ignatieff in Quebec is over. Harper came home and found his clothes in the yard and the locks changed. I like our chances :)

wilson said...

anon, at least give knb the link!

anon, if you are going to hassle a Liblogger on her blog, at least refer to what the Interim leader said about long guns:

He acknowledged, however, that there's a distinction between sport shooters and those who use firearms - mostly handguns - as part of a criminal lifestyle.

"No sensible Canadian thinks the problem is the shotgun on the barn door," said the Liberal leader.
"No sensible Canadian thinks the problem is the target shooter or the legitimate licensed gun owner.

"The problem is those handguns."

Knb, it's the long gun registry that Cons will kill.

Anonymous said...

Your anointed leader on Quebecers;

“Quebecers walk around with this fantasy of how different they are, but they are just North Americans who speak French. They take the minor differences and magnify it.”

RuralSandi said...

The NRA obviously controls the Cons just like they control the Republicans.

The right to bear arms in the Constitution of the US was made when it was the wild west, pioneers and all. Times were different then. No machine guns then, etc.

Guns don't kill - uh, huh. They sure as hell make it easier to kill 10, 20 or 30 at one time. Schools, nursing homes - get a gun, because you're entitle to own one and see how many you can kill in one outing. Brilliant thinking - this guns don't kill.

RuralSandi said...

What is the big deal anyway. If you have a long gun and you're a good guy, why be scared to register? It's no big deal to register. Hey, go register your long gun and stop at Timmy's for a coffee and donut - make it an outing.

Anonymous said...

close to one million the Liberals are raising tonight-

Was that cash in brown paper bags passed under the tables?

Missing Adscam money?

Steve V said...

Wow, is that REALLY all you guys have?

Really good Don Martin column tonight, something about "Liberals Make Their Move".

Liberal rag

Stephen Harper 2006-2009

Anonymous said...

Don Martin's a joke and so are you Steve V, if any Liberals had any balls they wouldn't have supported the budget.

Iggy is worse than Dion, you Liberals will end up throwing Iggy under the bus too.

Thanks for the laugh.

Gayle said...

Hey - biff's back!

Posting your usual insightful arguments I see.

Anyhoo - the fact the CPC decided to introduce this legislation in the Senate, where they know it will be defeated, suggests to me they want it to be defeated. After all, if it passes, they can hardly use it as an issue to rally their base.

All this in a lame attempt to distract voters from the fact the economy is tanking, despite Harper's "steady hand" at the wheel.

Let us not be distracted by trivial things. The biggest concern Canadians have is their jobs.

KNB said...

Hey anon:The Liberal crowd in T.O. sure isn't enthusiastic tonight, you'd think that they were at a funeral.

It was dismal I tell you, just dismal.

Ignatieff Liberals were elated that more than 1,100 Liberals – more than half of them paying $1,000 for elite party membership and a chance to hobnob with the leader at a pre-dinner cocktail party – packed the room, with another 100 on the waiting list.

RuralSandi said...

Anon - if you had any balls you wouldn't be hiding who you are - chicken shit, that's what you are.

Anonymous said...

And you're listed as RuralSandi in the phonebook I take it?
You should really think before you speak.

Anonymous said...

So if half paid $1,000 how do you reach a total of $1,000,000?

The Liberals raised $5.8 million for 2008 according to Elections Canada and the Conservative raised $21 million.

So if you add last nights to last years for the Liberals you only have to have some fourteen more events like last nights to catch up to the Conservatives total for last year.


Steve V said...

I smell fear :)

According to Warren, it was actually MORE than a million, with 100 would be donors left hanging on the waiting list.

Stephen Harper 2006-2009

Steve V said...

Just some math help for denial boy, you can donate $1100, which well over half did. If the 1100 people gave the max, it would add up to 1 210 000. Some did give less, hence the overall figure of just over a million.

I'd add, Ignatieff packed a room in Vancouver the other night, which raised another two hundred grand.

Anonymous said...

KNB said, Ignatieff Liberals were elated that more than 1,100 Liberals – more than half of them paying $1,000

Go back to school Steve V. Idiot.

Steve V said...


Stephen Harper 2006-2009

Anonymous said...

How do you explain away $2B in a registery that doesn't work. The statistics do not lie.

To the unfortunate people who have to live with you gun nay sayers, I suggest you take a page out of the Americans books: buy as many guns as you can. Buy, odd calibers, semi-auto, military style rifles, short barrels, ammo, folding stocks, "scary looking" guns, magazines. This is the only way that you can guarantee that you will have these guns for the rest of your life.

Do it today! It could be taxed and, or illegal tommorow.


One day you will come to the realization that, only people control, and not gun control will slow gun violence. There is not one correct answer that applies to everyone. I have spent my whole life fighting against people like you, who feel that the only way to protect society is by protecting socitey from its self. I refuse to let a narrow minded view by the minorty stop me from enjoying the one hobby that gives me pleasure. Shooting.

So, I will spend my time doing what I can to prevent a Liberal gov from infringing on my freedoms. I will aquire all the firearms that I can. I will join the NRA, the ATA. I will push my sport so that it will not fade into the realms of the "Gun nutz." I will train for the 2012 Summer Olympics in Trap shooting.
But I will do it legaly. I will register with the ill-faited gun registery, and obide by the rules, but make no mistake. The guns that I own will never be confiscated by any from of any government for any reason.

Go ahead and make your


Sailors beware!!! She might be a liberal, and liberals have VD. You cant win the war against freedom haters with a scorching case of the Clap.