Thursday, April 09, 2009

But,'s Going to Be a Mild Recession!

Isn't that what Flaherty has been saying?

One healine today: Unemployment hits 7 year high

Speaking of Flaherty, he certainly isn't making many friends even when he is handing out the cash in Conservative ridings. (h/t- Aaron Wherry)

Update - Stephen (Kreskin) Harper knew it was coming all along of course.

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Tom said...

To be fair, who was in power 7 years ago? We actually did call that a mild recession then.

Flaherty's comments were idiotic and ridiculous especially on the heels of Harper's "this is the worst recession since the Great Depression" comments a few months ago, but in terms of job numbers so far Flaherty is correct, unless we want to say the recession that happened 7 years ago was absolutely horrible as well.

It will get worse though and that's when Flaherty's comments will look ridiculous but right now his claim is supported.

In the 1980s umemployment went above 10% no?

KNB said...

Indeed Tom, I think it may have gone as high as 12%.

My point really was more related to just how silly he sounds when he makes comments like that. It may not be as bad as it once was, but I'm not sure that the word mild is appropriate.

Between that and his constant reminder that our banks are strong, or Harper continuously saying it's worse elsewhere...I just see those who have lost their jobs rolling their eyes.

The Mound of Sound said...

It will be a mild recession - for him. Until the Ontario voters throw Flaherty out on his backside, he's assured of three meals a day and a roof over his head plus that security blanket known as the parliamentary pension.

KNB said...

Boy Mound, it's tough for me to decide which one I want to see out on the street more, Harper or Flaherty.

I know it's two'fer, well actually maybe not. Maybe Harper will quit first.

Okay, now I know I got too much sun today.

Steve V said...

Who knew, 1982 was a mild recession afterall.