Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A Project for Dion

The auditor-general announced today that 24 Sussex hasn't been renovated in 50 years and requires $10M worth of work. It would take approximately 18 months to complete work on the 34 room home.

Until now, PM's have been loathe to spend money on the official residence for fear of looking either too self aggrandizing or too lavish.

Ridiculous I say. Not only is this the PM's home but it should be a point of national pride.

Anyway, should Stephane Dion take up residence at 24 Sussex one day, I say he should use the opportunity to completely renovate the home and make it green.

A radio show host had the same idea, (except he was speaking of the current PM), and called up Mike Holmes. Holmes not only confirmed that the estimate and timing were correct, but suggested that it was a great idea.

I doubt that the auditor-general's advice will be heeded, but I honestly think it should be. We have a strange notion in Canada that our politicians should live like paupers and lead lives that indulge in nothing.

No one is suggesting excesses here, but a house that was built in 1868 and has not been updated in 50 years is surely worth some attention isn't it?

Apparently Harper doesn't think so.

Stephen Harper, however, has no plans to go anywhere “between now and the next election,” says a spokeswoman.

“The prime minister and his family find 24 Sussex adequate to their needs, and see no need for substantial renovation programs at this time,” said Carolyn Stewart Olsen.



Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you that it should be renovated. But unfortunately I do not see this happening anytime soon. Unless a report comes out and says that it is to dangerous for the PM family to live in. Another way in which is highly unlikely in my opinion is if a motion is put forward by government or the opposition to address this and that the liberals Ndp and Conservatives would support it. I did not mention the bloc because they are irrelevant when it comes to this. We all know if the government would do this work,I think you would agree with me that the opposition would come out and make political hay. Example I could see them say "We have people in this country that are starving and you would like to live a life of luxury."

So knb what do you think of a motion put forward by the Liberals or the NDP? Because I think its the only way to do it now rather then just wait.

RuralSandi said...

Ralph Goodale has a great idea - turn it over to the Heritage Foundation where wealthy people and fundraising to repair and keep it maintained.....no cost to taxpayers.

Karen said...

Right, it'll never happen. Harper has put his foot down and that is a shame.

If the Lib's brought a bill forward, they'd be attacked on all sides and now would not be the best time for that to happen.

The NDP wouldn't do it because indeed, they would say there are too many other priorities, which is basically what the Con's are saying.

It always amazes me that we have become this world of black and white.

Guess what? Piorities can be managed in multiples without anyone suffering.

RuralSandi said...

According to Libbie Davis - Jack Layton and the NDP have been pushing for this for a long time - really? This is the first I heard this about the NDP. Mind you, she said this while loudly interrupting both Peter Van Loan and Ralph Goodale. Boy that woman is annoying. She reminds of the goody, goody that brings the apple to the teacher.

Karen said...

sandi that is not a bad idea, but I still kind of like the idea of Holmes doing a 12 part series with Dion being featured as they discuss the greening of 24 Sussex.

;), it must be the artist in me looking for the drama.

To be honest, there probably are some good options out there that would shift the burden. That Goodale even mentioned that tells me the Lib's are more open to this than in the past.

It really is a heck of an opportunity to showcase what Canadians can do to be more environmentally sensitive.

A High/Low segment? lol 'At 24 Sussex a retro-fit would cost x-$, but you at home could acheive this for y-$'.

Okay, I'll stop now but I'm only being partly facetious.

Karen said...

I don't recall the NDP ever calling for this either.

Davies I find annoying because she goes on and on and on.

Funny, I find that with a number of the NDP, yet on certain issues I agree with them. Insite for instance as it relates to Davies.

The one that drives me mad is the pundit from Vancouver. Hmmm, I cannot think of her name. Joy something? Anyway, she shrieks and it's very annoying.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Its to much of a political football unfortunately. If Harper puts a bill forward and even if the bill should fail to pass it would make no difference.Because the damage would have already been done when it comes to public relations.This renovations is 50 years overdue. So don't try to put this just on Harper's shoulders alone.We also had liberal governments during that period of time. The other parties would all be criticizing this and all use it in their election campaign. This is fact.

Now if what RuralSandi said is correct that Ralph Goodale idea is to turn it over to the Heritage Foundation at no extra cost I think it is a terrific idea.It would keep politics out of the picture. The way it stands right now no-one has the guts to bring this forward.

Karen said...

I'm not putting it on Harper. I believe I said that all PM's have been too chicken to do this.

The thing is, the auditor-general handed Harper the perfect out and he punted it away within hours.

I think that is silly and he could have comfortably said that he'd follow her advice.

I don't know how it would have played out politically in this hyper environment, but I for one would have spoken out against Dion if he condemned it.

Anonymous said...

"The thing is, the auditor-general handed Harper the perfect out and he punted it away within hours."

I agree with you this should have been a perfect out. But who really does not want a $10 million renovation done to the place where they live on tax payers dime?

All PM's have been afraid of doing anything about this. The auditor-general report no-one beside political
aficionado know what its in it. The majority of the Canadian people would only look at the $10 million figure not the real reason for it.We would all see these special interest groups coming out of the wood work and say how scandalous it is for the PM to improve is live style on tax payer dime when we have people in this country who can't make ends meet at the end of the month. How could anyone be able to campaign against this? This is why I support Ralph Goodale's idea.

Anonymous said...

;), it must be the artist in me looking for the drama.

It must be the const. superintendent in me that the last person I would want living there when I did a 10 mil reno would be S Dion.

I'm pretty sure that if I could get away with it; I'd pick him up by the scruf of his neck and turf him out of there before I would even start.

The company that I work for on the other hand would just luv him being around. $$$$$$ would be all they would see!

Karen said...

Anon, charming, as most anon's are.

I'm looking for someone to do work on my home. Have the gut's to tell us who you work for and I'll be sure to pass on your message.

scruf? LOL

Anonymous said...

KNB don't listen to these people they are idiots I don't care what political stripes they are. Probably someone just fooling around who is not old enough to vote anyways.

Goodnight its late I need to get up at 6:30 in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Acually The Right and KNB, I grew up in construction. My father had a company in small town Sask. I almost fell down the chimney hole when I was 3 yrs old running around on the roof when my father was building his house. I am now 41 years old.

I grew up doing this and like I said S. Dion would be the last person that I would want to deal with onsite.

Working for someone like my father off the start was a good thing. If he was still working I would send him your way KNB. If he gave you a price of $4000 to do something and you said go for it, and it only cost $3500, you would have been charged $3500.

That is the way I was brought up!!

My point in all of this is, even though you think S. Dion would be so good in the world of 'green', when it comes to my world...and I always try to do the best for who I am working for...people make money. People like Dion help!

Why do you think the liberal (I wish I could remember the program name) was axed so quickly? Companies were making money off a program from the goverment that had no effect on overall GHG.

Anonymous said...

Working for someone like my father off the start was a good thing.

Allowing a three year old child to run around the roof of a construction site is a just about the most irresponsible thing I've ever heard. Balls in place of brains in the construction industry.

Karen said...

Anon, you and your father sound like honourable people, though I too question having a tot of that age on a roof, but the world has changed hasn't it?

I'm afraid I'm not following your final point though. Could you expand?