Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Enough Already!

I understand that the government has to conduct and investigation, but really, how complicated can this be? It looks to me that it is more likely that the government is trying to develop a way to present this to absolve themselves.

Mohamud's lawyer is still getting a run around, which is ridiculous.

The passport which stranded a Toronto woman in Kenya for months is now at the centre of a standoff between the federal government and the lawyer representing Suaad Hagi Mohamud.

Raoul Boulakia is taking his demands that the government immediately turn over Mohamud's passport and case file to Federal Court while officials in Ottawa remain vague on the whereabouts of the crucial piece of ID.

"(The government is) trying to pretend there were complications in this case," said Boulakia. "It was all nonsense."

That last statement goes to the claim that there was a whisper campaign going on, which was obvious based on the idiotic ramblings of Minister Cannon.

Boulakia said he wants to get his hands on Mohamud's passport to see if consular officials were justified in doubting his client's identity. Mohamud's passport had been loaned to Kenyan authorities as her case was being prosecuted, but ought to be back in Canadian hands by now, he said.
"I want that passport back."

The Department of Foreign Affairs was tight-lipped on the matter, deferring inquiries about Mohamud's passport and case file to Passport Canada.

Passport Canada spokesman Sebastien Bois said anyone who has their passport seized by authorities for prosecution will have to apply for a new one.

But the charges were thrown out so...

Bois said when Passport Canada is advised a passport is out of its control, it is immediately cancelled.

In such cases passports are eventually returned to Passport Canada or to the nearest Canadian government office.

"Applicants do not have the option of having the passport returned to them," Bois said. "The Canadian passport remains at all times the property of the government of Canada."

It should still be a valid passport! Obviously if a person is found to be in possession of a fraudulent passport, they don't get it back, but that is not the case here. Even if it's not officially valid, it's part of the case and investigation and must be turned over.

This is beyond ridiculous.

For the record, I heard today that the woman who processed her in Kenya has been fired and can't be found? I have yet to see a complete story on that but hope it will be investigated further.


wilson said...

'Even if it's not officially valid, it's part of the case and investigation and must be turned over.'

Says who?

Karen said...

Any reasonable person looking at this case. Her lawyer needs to see the progression of events.

What the hell don't you get here?

Are you and your pal's still convinced she's an imposter...maybe even a terra'ist?

Man wilson, I really hope this never happens to you. The idiocy coming from your side on this is beyond the pale.

What if your rights were being abused like this? Don't you expect more of your government?

Honestly, that anyone in this country is comfortable with this abuse of power is sickening.

Gayle said...

Actually, the judge will say that once she files a lawsuit.

They can do this the easy way (hand it over) or the hard way (have a court direct they hand it over, along with paying the costs for forcing her to make the application). I note they are asking for the passport to be handed over to the courts and not to her personally.

KNB - I suspect wilson is white,and thus never expects anything like this to happen to her.

Karen said...

Gayle, even that is not a safe guard if true....and I suspect it is.

Brenda Martin was getting no help until media, McTeague starting talking.

Her return was a PR move, not compassion.

wilson said...

This particular event will not ever happen to me, because there is no drug powerful enough to get me on an airplane.

But, just like Elections Canada has laws, so does Passport Canada.
So ranting about meanie Conservatives may make you feel better, but a Liberal government couldn't handle the passport thing any differently.

And if I read correctly, this dear women was not dealt this injustice by a whitey.

The lawyer is beaking off because of his cut when Ms Mohamud 'potentially' sues.
I'm not so sure in this case, the Government can be sued....otherwise, Brenda Martin would be rich by now, instead of wanting to return to Mexico!

wilson said...

In the Travel Advisory to Kenya:

''Canadian citizens returning to Canada who present other documents, such as a Certificate of Canadian Citizenship, birth certificate, provincial driver’s license, or foreign passport, instead of a Canadian passport, may face delays or be denied boarding by transport companies.''


So Ms Mohamud's passport pic did not look like her and was the ONLY document permitted.

Gayle said...

Here is your problem wilson - this particular government has already proven that it will not assist Canadian citizens who are abroad. They have failed to intervene in the type of cases where liberal governments have interceded in the past.

The fact that most of those people they refuse to help (they did eventually help Brenda Martin without being forced to do so by the courts) are not white will not be seen by everyone as just a coincidence.

penlan said...

"For the record, I heard today that the woman who processed her in Kenya has been fired and can't be found?"

If true & she can't be found it would be obvious Harper doesn't want her talking to the media, or anyone, about her side of the story. She may have received direction from Cannon's dept. on this. But as always it's only speculation as the Cons never tell the truth on anything.

As an aside - we want this Harper & his thugs gone but what does this say? From an article by the Canadian Press:

"OTTAWA -- Michael Ignatieff's office is dismissing as "pure speculation" a report that the Liberal Opposition leader will bring down the minority Conservative government in September.

Montreal's La Presse newspaper, citing anonymous party sources, says the Liberals will use an opposition day in the Commons in late September to move a motion of non-confidence in Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Tories.

The newspaper suggests a Nov. 9 election date.

Ignatieff spokeswoman Jill Fairbrother calls the report "pure speculation from unnamed sources."

She says the Liberals are focused on improving Employment Insurance rules, getting Commons committees back to work on issues such as medical isotope production, and planning for the party's summer caucus and the leader's trip to China in early September."


I mean, come on now - while Harper slowly destroys this country we sit back & let him do it? Because this is what it really is looking like. Iggy & the Libs will continue to vote WITH the Cons as usual? To me this has become "beyond the pale". Yes, I know they don't want to tip their so-called hand BUT when Iggy's own office denies this outright, it could have been worded differently, then this entire political process becomes hopeless. This is my "enough already".

Anonymous said...

Give the GreatHarper some time to prepare his cover story, how this is all the fault of somebody else (some ex-Liberal like Cannon, for example), and then he'll put on his cape and save the world.

Jon Pertwee said...

"otherwise, Brenda Martin would be rich by now, instead of wanting to return to Mexico!"


"Martin said her life has yet to get back on track -- she's still looking for employment and is considering moving to either Belleville or Cobourg."


Geez Wilson I found an article that is three days old that completely proves your statement to be disingenuous. Care to tell another lie to prove your argument?

3 days old Wilson! You should Google before you cut and paste your overlord's instructions

Alberta Report said...

Ha-ha, oh man Willscum is still trolling with his pants down....

Keep it up man, such entertainment!

I love your world view, misert "needs drugs to get on an airplane"... do you even own a passport, pal?