Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Do you recognise this man? No, I didn't think so. He's the Conservative that is trying to unseat Ruby Dhalla.

Fair enough. Every party is obviously entitled to run a candidate, however, one would expect that if you were running to become a member of parliament, you would surround yourself with ethical people, no?

Apparently not so much with this guy.

Here's a cute little innocent letter to the editor of the Brampton Guardian:

Last Sunday (Aug. 2), it was great to the the families of Brampton-Springdale come out to Parm Gill’s Free Community Barbecue at Loafers Lake.

With a wide range of people from all cultures, communities and Brampton council representatives, it is clear to see that Parm Gill has made and continues to make a positive impact in Brampton, and he is not even an elected official.

This is the kind of MP we need representing Brampton. An MP that lives , works and raises his family in Brampton.

Who knows when the next election will be but I am glad to see that Brampton’s future look a lot brighter, knowing that Parm Gill and his volunteer team are already working towards making Brampton and Brampton-Springdale safer and more welcoming city like it was once known as.

We need Parm Gill in Ottawa representing us, irrelevant what party he represents, as our future elected official I am confident he will represent our needs first.

Aww, sweet right? Average Joe citizen lauding someone who wants to represent the community...

Not so much as it turns out.

Note that last line:

....irrelevant what party he represents....

That would be a nice sentiment if it were remotely true.

You see, the author of the letter is Michael Gyoval and Michael isn't your average Joe citizen. No sireee. Michael Gyoval was Parm Gill's campaign manager during the last election. No party preference there!

Isn't that pathetic? Doesn't say much about your candidate if you have to write phony letters to the editor to promote him does it?



Anonymous said...

Doesn't say much about your candidate if you have to write phony letters to the editor to promote him does it?

ANd how will you react when it's discovered that the Liberals do that also?

I'm all for pointing that a campaign flunky wrote that letter, but don't kid yourself. All parties do it...

Karen said...

All parties get letter writing campaigns going c_wtf, but they don't have obvious suspects hiding under the cover of values, pretending to be someone, something they are not.

Will Faille's manager write a letter hiding as 'regular folk' and non-partisan? Doubtful.

wilson said...

In 2006 Ruby beat the Cons candidate by a confortable 7802 votes,
in 2008 she only won by 1.6% and beat Gill by only 718 votes....should be interesting riding next election, when ever that will be.

KNB, all parties do it, like the Libs and their 'farmers' being interviewed in favor of the CWB, who just happen to have been Lib candidates/campaigners in previous elections.

Most people that write or give interviews are partisans, it just is what it is.

Anonymous said...

Oh, enough. I've seen three instances of "that" in this post and comments when "who* is called for.

Karen said...

Hey c_wtf, look! Not the first time you've alligned yourself with the likes of Wilson.

You also did an almost verbatim of Dr. Roy here a while back.

Think man. There is a difference between anger and principle.

Karen said...

Wilson, they happen to represent the majority.

Oh, do you understand that word? Majority? No?

You could look it up, but that's okay, you'll never have the chance to experience it, so it's irrelavent to you and your ilk.

Indeed partisans write, not campaign managers pretending to be a regular joe. Only you guys do that.

Karen said...

Be a little more specific anon @8:8

Trevor said...

What's next?

Candidates pretending to door-knock during the campaign while CPAC is following them with the cameras. Then it turns out the "regular voter" they talk to is related to the candidates campaign manager?

Which party was that guy from again?

Pure hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

I think you're misreading the letter. They're trying to distance Parm from Harper and the Conservative Party.

At least, that's how I read it.

Anonymous said...

Will Faille's manager write a letter hiding as 'regular folk' and non-partisan? Doubtful.
No, but Brigitte Legault would.... That would be the Liberal candidate they had going here...

Even better, guess whose sister owns the local paper?
That's right, none other than Liberal Yvon Marcoux...
And there is another sister that writes for the paper...

But don't worry - as a bonus round, one of their journalist will let himself be taken out to diner by certain political candidates...

So before you start talking about "principles", I'd suggest ensure that the Liberals are clean first...

Karen said...

Anon @ 9:07...uh...that was the point of the post?

Who are you speaking to?

Karen said...

c_wtf...oh we know you hate Brigette, but your theory is just that, a theory, based on nothing tangible. Don't accuse her of what she hasn't done.

Really? You are now into the Liberal media bias theory?


You've lost your mind my friend...truly.

At one point, you had an objectivity, offensive at times, but I respected it. You seem to have lost that. Why?

I get that you support the Bloc and understand why. Didn't realise that you would support and repeat their pap though.

Anonymous said...

KNB, it seems that I have offended you by not drinking the kool-aid...

So please tell me how does a newspaper editor remain neutral when her brother is running for re-election?
I'd be interested in knowing.
I won't even get into the other sister.

As for the journalist letting a politician take him out for lunch/supper, that could be libellous. I'll even add more details, the mayor had his publicist with them... and who was this publicist? Who had he worked for?
Where would he have learned such "tricks" to get good press?
Could it have been when he worked for a female Liberal health minister?

Have you worked with Brigitte KNB?

You are transposing by accusing me of using "Liberal Media Bias".

My point is that all political parties will manipulate the media. Most journalists are nothing more that stenographers at the moment.

I don't give a toss about Mme Legault, except to point out that she was one of the most ineffectual Liberal candidates seen. Going out in newspapers and stating that she though the main election focus would be on abortion.... C'mon that was stupid and it did not get better from there... That is who you have helping Iggy at the moment.

As for the BQ, I gave my support because it was the only party that could stop Fortier here. As you may recall, the Minister was rather prolific in trying to leverage municipal level political organisations for his election. It's odd that a person who is now a government lobbyist worked on Conservative and municipal campaigns in Quebec.

So where have I repeated BQ pap?

Do you really want to start talking about ethics?

Maybe you could talk about Mike Duffy... Here is someone that was clearly a Conservative cheerleader but never taken to task for it. But the funny thing is that there was really never any proof right?
So while you rally against Michael Gyoval (and I agree that it should be pointed out), least not forget that all parties will pull this shit also. Pretending that the Liberals are clean is insulting.

Anonymous said...

Too bad - again CWTF has lost his way by this combative/argumentive attitude and the points get lost.


Anonymous said...

KNB sits on the floor at Miss Ruby's feet.

RuralSandi said...

Anon 11:59 - you are totally childish and stupid and a coward.

I think Ruby Dhalla would have no problem, nor would KNB, sitting together and having a respectful one on one.

But, Anon, you wouldn't understand respect. Oh, and the cons trolls - why is this guy ashamed to use Harper as his leader stuff?