Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Why Am I Writing About This Again?

Because really, this woman has made her case so all should be well and she should be on her way home, right?

Well, if we had a government that cared about it's citizen's...ALL of it's citizens, that would likely be the case, but we don't have that do we?

No, we have a vindictive, uncaring government that is intent on prolonging this woman's misery. Why? Because that is who they are. They pick and choose who they deem worthy of their attention. What they base these decisions on is beyond me, but they clearly are applying different standards for different people and that obviously goes against everything this country and our constitution stands for.

What government does that to it's own people? What government separates their citizens into groups? Think about that for a minute and some pretty despicable characters come to mind.

So, where is this story at? Well in spite of Mohamud being confirmed as herself, she still is not being helped in the manner that you would expect.

Canada's indifference toward Suaad Hagi Mohamud surfaced again today with officials denying her request for identification papers and other help.
"I've got nothing," she said by phone from Nairobi, Kenya, two days after DNA tests validated identity claims she had been making for nearly three months.

Her situation is desperate, she says.

With nothing to show she is in Kenya legally after Canada voided her Canadian passport on May 22 — and her Kenyan visitor's visa — she remains vulnerable to arrest and jail by Kenyan authorities, she said.

Can you imagine? Just travelling outside, she could be picked up. Given that, in an effort to get the paper work done, you'd think that Canadian rep's would go to her right?

"(The Canadian high commission) called this afternoon saying she had to come," the friend said, meaning the high commission turned down her request to send somebody to her.

"I had to drive her myself because her lawyer was not available."

When they arrived, a consular official on the job for three weeks was assigned to the case. He appeared to have no authority and appeared to be acting from a script, the witness said.

Mohamud filled out forms and had her picture taken.
Asked if he might issue identification papers or some type of laissez-passer, the consular official said no. Mohamud would be issued travel papers but only on the day she leaves the country, the official said.

Disgusting? Yes, but it gets worse:

Mohamud remains stuck in Kenya until the Kenyans drop unfounded charges against her. The charges were prompted by the Canadian high commission's May 28 conclusions about her that she was misrepresenting herself — conclusions now proved false.

In Toronto, lawyer Raoul Boulakia has filed a motion in federal court trying to force Ottawa to ask the Kenyans to drop the charges. His case is to be heard tomorrow.

Yes, you read that right. Her lawyer has to go to court to force Ottawa to ask the Kenyans to drop the charges!

Sadly there is yet more:

Kenyan bail money remains another outstanding matter. In June, Mohamud's mother put up $2,500 (U.S.) to get Mohamud out of a Kenyan jail after eight days.

Asked whether Canada might forward Mohamud the money and get it from the Kenyans later, the Canadian consular said no - she must stay until Kenyan authorities pay back the money.
"Usually, the Kenyans don't like to pay back bail very quickly," the witness said.

You might reasonably be wondering what Foreign Affairs is saying about this:

In Ottawa, a foreign affairs spokesperson would say only: "There are several steps that need to be gone through before a travel document can be issued."

Absolute BS! They could have issued documents on the spot. It takes as little as 1 day in similar situations elsewhere and that time is spent contacting people back home to verify identity. In her case, that has already been established.

I cannot describe the anger I feel about this case. I cannot write how it makes me feel about this government. Disgusted doesn't begin to cover it.

The full story is here. Dan McTeague had this to say. And if you are as angry as I am, write you MP here, oh and don't forget this guy.


Jay said...

I've come to the conclusion that conservatism is a diagnosis not an ideology. It makes sense once you think of it in that way.

Karen said...

That's an excellent way to describe it Jay.

Sick does come to mind while writing these posts.

Anonymous said...


I have to head out for now, but just saw your excellent post. I think you should check out Scott's Diatribe. If the first comment is to be believed, I highly suspect the "talking points" have been released to party faithful. Enough "I heards" to choke on, but I tried to be pleasant in my response.

Be prepared ;)

Anonymous said...

Basically, we all have aomething in commom called a soul... that does not have colour or race.

sassy said...


Could be talking points but they sure are . . . what's the expression I'm looking for? . . oh yes . . "half assed".

Karen said...

Too tame Sassy

Karen said...

Joseph...I commented too.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Mr. Cannon.

There is no reasoning with these cretins...

Next time I see Mr. Cannon, it will be a verbal assault in both official languages...

I'm sure that wearing a tie cuts the circulation to his brain... Some politicians should be ridiculed because they deserve it. I have no respect for assholes.

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton flew into the communist country of North Korea and got 2 journalists who were being held in jail released in a day. I wonder how he got those travel documents stamped so quickly? GEEEEZZZ Canada, get our act together!!!!

Anonymous said...

From the Star;

"Mohamud, a Somali-Canadian, was branded an impostor by staff of the Canadian High Commission in Kenya because she did not resemble her passport photograph. Her lips were different from the four-year-old picture, as were her eyeglasses.

In a telephone interview from Nairobi yesterday, Mohamud gave further details of the event that started her ordeal when she tried to board a KLM flight home on May 21 after a three-week visit to Kenya.

A Kenyan KLM employee stopped her. "He told me he could make me miss my flight," she said of the KLM worker, who suggested Mohamud didn't look like her passport photo.

He seemed to be soliciting a bribe, she said, an experience Somali-born Torontonians say is commonplace for them at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

When she didn't pay, a Kenyan immigration official arrested her. Canadian consular officials went along, returning Mohamud to the Kenyans, who threw her in jail on charges of entering Kenya illegally on a passport not her own.

On Monday, DNA tests proved Mohamud's identity.

Yesterday at the high commission, officials continued to treat Mohamud with indifference, a friend who drove her there said.

When Mohamud asked if Canada might help her retrieve her luggage, seized when she was unable to pay her room bill while trying to prove her identity, consular officials refused, the friend said."

What is it you people that you won't let yourselves see that the officials at the CHC are to blame for this.

Too bad you keep forgetting to take your meds to control your Leftist Mental Disorder.