Thursday, August 13, 2009


Why am writing about this yet again? Because we have to keep speaking about this and other cases so Canadians see how terribly flawed this government really is.

I heard and read some comments today from Harper that deeply disturbed me, or perhaps I should say, the way they were being reported disturbed me.

To begin with, to hear Harper say that his first priority is to get her home, seriously raises my blood pressure.

"Our first priority as a government is obviously to see her get on a flight back to Canada," Harper said in Kitchener today, referring to Suaad Hagi Mohamud, a Canadian citizen who was detained because Kenyan and Canadian officials there thought she did not look like her passport photo.

His first priority? Please. Three months after the fact, that statement is hardly believable, ridiculous even. What? Does he not think that anyone has kept track of the government's performance? Does he think because he speaks, that then becomes fact? Sadly I think he does and more tragic, I think some who report on him believe that too.

But I heard something else in a recent radio report. That is, that there is much more to this story than we know. In this article it's presented this way:

Harper said that Canadian officials are eager to resolve "what is not an easy case" and to get Mohamud back to Canada

Cue the 'spin' cycle. Personally, I go on high alert when I hear this stuff.

Oh, there are mentions that Van Loan has ordered a review, (yeah another process of people reviewing themselves) but really, when you hear lines like, 'there is more here', especially with this government, you just get a feeling that a story is being manufactured to once again divert blame and cover up.

There is something seriously wrong here. Something wrong in a few departments, and from what I can see, it's either a case of negligence, financially and morally or, it's a case of this government directing the civil service to push their, the Con, agenda. We have other stories, in other departments, that support that view so why not here?

When she comes home, I hope to see victims and lawyers come forward in a joint presser, highlighting how this government treats some people. For the record, they can be white too, but that is more rare.

They, the 'cases', simply have to possess the MO that appeals to their whacko base. As far as I can tell, that is how they handle these cases and you just have to go take a boo over at the BT's on a case by case, basis to firm up that thought. That will tell you whether or not the base was sated.

Today, McTeague says it well:

"What I find most disturbing is that Canadians are possibly being judged in absentia by an Orwellian jury comprised of the Canadian cabinet," said Dan McTeague, the Liberal MP for Pickering-Scarborough East who was tasked with handling cases of citizens in need of help abroad under prime minister Paul Martin.

Oh, I know as soon as you bring terms like Orwellian into the discussion, people shut down, but really, should we? McCarthyism is not that distant in our past...gawd, look at what is going on in the US right now. Covering up? Bush, Cheney, anyone?

These things are real and we all know where Harper lies.

So, yes, this is yet another post and there will be more. We need to get to the bottom of this and no one, no Canadian, should be complacent.

UPDATE - At 0700 EST Aug14/2009, Mohamud is at this moment in Court, as are 2 gov't rep's from the High Comm. They have said nothing on her behalf and have NOT presented required documents to have her released. PMO and Cannon, not responding to her Canadian lawyer.

UPDATE 2 - Charges have now been dropped.


Cari said...

when I heard (read) that, I said
.... WHAT!!!! who is he trying to kid?
I read of a 25 year old from Burma who, who fled as a child soldier ...terrifying
story ,... he lives out west and the government wants to deport him..he will be killed, surely.
This government would raise anyone's blood pressure, and that can be very dangerous.

Karen said...

Yes, I need more into on that story Cari. Will dig tomorrow.

Facts welcome from all.

Anonymous said...

Stop paying attention to what Harper has to say. He doesn't. Why should anybody else?

sassy said...

That would be our boy - looking to assign blame, never taking responsibility. grrrrrr

On the 25 year old from Burma source from Candian Friends of Burma

Karen said...

See update. Time to call for Cannon to step down.

Karen said...

Charges have now been dropped.

sassy said...

KNB - sure looks like that