Saturday, August 08, 2009

Here's an Idea!

There seems to be a bit of a lazy trend developing. That is, many in print media, mostly the opinion writers, have decided for themselves that whatever Ignatieff does is wrong, not enough, too much, too vague, too precise....well, you get the idea.

What's remarkable is that most of them base their opinion on the polls that have come out over the summer. You know, the polls that come out when people are on vacation and not focused on politics. I mean, didn't these same opinion people tell us that at the start of the summer? They also told us that Ignatieff had to work on rebuilding the party, he had to work on the brand and he had to put some policy together.

As far as I can tell, that is exactly what he has been doing. I don't remember him laying out a plan in June to boost his summer polling numbers, do you?

Then there is this false accusation is that he hasn't been seen anywhere. Hmmm, who's job is it to tell us where he's been and what he's been doing again? Oh right. Well despite the claim that he hasn't been anywhere, this record of events would beg to differ.

It's interesting to me to watch said media repeat this nonsense, because it says so much about them really, doesn't it?

It suggests to me that they are bored. It could also suggest that they are looking for something different, I say could, because that seems to be what they are missing here. Ignatieff is doing things differently. He's not doing the huge, 'look at me' events, but rather meeting with small groups, listening, concentrating on meeting Canadians, while doing Liberal events as well.

That strikes me as someone who is serious about the job they've undertaken, not someone who assumes that the Liberals will return to power through osmosis as some have implied.

The summer will soon wind down, (I know, shhh), and the political scene will regain it's energy. The bored people paid to have opinions will once again have real news to follow and all their ridiculous whining and whingeing will have been for nought.

Their hiatus as fiction writers will have proven to be a bust and they'll be grateful that none of their colleagues had the energy to sue them for plagiarism.

Here's an idea for them though. Instead of making it up as you go along, instead of determining what someone else's job is and how you would do it, presuming of course that you possessed the skills to hold it, why not hone your own talents and actually go see what Ignatieff is doing. You know...cover events, book interviews, shoot footage, take photos...all the things that you are qualified to do.

I know, it sounds whacky, but believe me, you'll feel better and you have my will we.


Cari said...

I really wondered where Michael was. Going to BBQs is good, but he needs to get where where the media is.. When he went to the Gaspe region, it was in the French Newspapers. I know when Harper goes anywhere,..the party tells the media.. Why not the Liberal Party Announcing some goings on.

Karen said...

Cari, the Lib's feed the media group announcements...they just don't seem inclined to follow up. This meme is easier.

That's what I meant re'it says more about them them Ignatieff.

The bbq's and small group meeting, or walking through a market...are all important. You can gauge recognition through them, listen to real concerns, etc.

People interested in the politics of this country are going to wonder where he's been, but the point is the media isn't doing what it should...and that's telling us.

They may call Michael an elitist, but who does that describe really when a Fair, a Market, or a bbq, is beneath you to cover? What about groups like the Ukrainian meeting?

The list is long and so is their rheotic.

sjw said...

I worry Ignatieff is not going to resonate with Canadians regardless of where he goes and what he does. I worry the Liberals will do little better in the next election then they did in the last. I worry the country is just plain destined to be governed by these dickheads for the foreseeable future. I just plain worry.

Savant said...

The problem for *any* leader is that if you don't define yourself, the media and your opposition will. Ignatieff hasn't done much of anything in the 'define himself' department since he is so petrified of 'showing his hand' to the Tories. Unfortunately, every week that passes where he remains an enigma, is one more week where the press and his opposition will use the time to 'make it up' for him.

You can't simply wait for an election campaign to define yourself in politics. While it may seem ideal, the reality is that it just doesn't work. If you don't play your hand someone else will play it for you, and you may not like what they have to say.

Contrary to popular belief, Dion wasn't doomed because he laid down his cards, he was doomed because the people didn't like the hand he wanted to play. This isn't a "Tory attack" thing either since John Tory got killed in his Ontario election attempt in the same way. There are some issues that the people just will NOT tolerate. When that happens you *must* pull back and change your tune. If the public didn't want a carbon tax, that's their choice. They are the (ultimate) bosses here. In the same way as John Tory sank his own boat, so did Dion.

Ignatieff needs to get his ideas out there NOW instead of waiting, so he can see where he stands with the public. If the Tories steal something, who cares? Use that fact to show why Ignatieff should be leader since his oppisition are adopting Ignatieff's ideas anyway.

Every week Ignatieff remains an enigma is a week where he loses the chance to define himself to the people. Waiting until the last minute may be too little too late.

wilson said...

If MI came out with more than election threats, perhaps the media would regain their interest.

It's the cry wolf thing that has been going on since Paul Martin stepped down.
The media and Canadians are tired of it.

What I find curious, is that Liberals say PMSH and the Conservatives would steal Liberal ideas, as if Cons don't have any of their own ideas.

And in the next breath they are critical or all in a panic because the Cons are ruining the country with their policy/ideology!
Which is it?

RuralSandi said...

Wilson - you are not making sense. The Cons have an idealogy that doesn't appeal to 2/3 of Canadians. Harper does steal what he thinks will buy a vote from the Liberals.

Not all Harper's policies are Liberal policies and it's the "Harper" policies that people are leary of - not the Liberal ones.

Nice try.

RuralSandi said...

KNB - well put. Here's an idea - email your blog to each journalist - let them know we aren't fooled.