Saturday, August 08, 2009

Who Is Up For This Job?

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Seriously. Don't we need our own Maddow?

Okay, I know things are more nuanced in Canada, but do we not have one person, willing to debunk the junk coming from the Harper government? Really? Not one?

That is a sad state of affairs my friends, because if ever a government in this country deserved scrutiny, it's this one.

h/t- Impolitical for the vid


Cari said...

We could very well have our own
Rachel Maddow, but the only one close to her politically would be the CBC and she wouldn't last long with Harper. MSNBC is a private station and the only private network here is CTV,,so good luck on this one!
She is good and so is Keith.

Robert McBean. said...

I would be good at that.