Friday, June 08, 2007

Activists are more concerned about our reputation than the PM

Watching a press conference, with Bono, Geldof and other activists today, I was struck by something Geldof said.

Bono at one point mentioned Canada, saying it was blocking progress on aid to Africa. Geldof piped up and corrected him. He said, "Harper is blocking progress, not Canada". I found it interesting that he cared enough not to smear all of us with Harper's actions, indicating that he is more in tune with Canada and it's residents than Harper is.

A commenter at Red Tory's recently said, "Harper is not the Prime Minister of Canada but merely the Prime Minister of Conservatives." I have to agree.

Here's more on the press conference.


Anonymous said...

Harper has the foresight of a mole, the sophistication of the proverbial punch bowl turd, he stands for nothing, he is committed to nothing. he could give a rats heiny about needs in Canada or abroad, will change colors, positions and mothers as the moment demands but, Steve will always remain true to one thing, Steve Power; his lust to rule not govern.

Anonymous said...

KNB – Interesting (illuminating) - it does speak volumes when an outsider is more attuned to Canadians than the PM - - - sad volumes.

I did not see the press conference - thanks for the link, >> “A man called Stephen Harper came to Heiligendamm," added Geldof. "But Canada stayed home -- I have not seen or heard it stated more succinctly than that. (it has been said many times, one way or another, in the past week).

Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong, I love Bono's music and have gone to a few U2 concerts, but I think he is just playing politics here. He has a history of criticizing world leaders when they don’t bow down to his demands. Almost 2 years ago, he was railing against former Liberal Prime Minister, Paul Martin and accusing him of the same thing he is accusing PMSH of.

Bono is very good at telling others how to spend their money, but I am sure that if the spotlight was put on him, you would see just how small a percentage of his total income he spends on aid to Africa.

I am sure that right now, Canada spends a greater percentage of its GDP on foreign aid to Africa than Bono spends, as a percentage of his total income.