Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Finally a use for "Big Brother"?

This is an interesting site. At present, even with the zoom function, it is a little difficult to make things out, but apparently they are working on it.

It's about time we had more Eyes on Darfur.


Anonymous said...

Yes KNB, I just heard about it earlier this evening (CBC Radio).

I wonder if Roméo Dallaire is thinking back and wishing Amnesty had an eye on Rawanda in the 90's. A mass public outcry joining his voice might have saved a few hundred thousand lives.

Perhaps it will this time.

Red Tory said...

That's a truly awesome site. What a shame the focus of it is such a tragic one.

Karen said...

Perhaps it will this time.

We can only hope Sassy. I imagine Dallaire would approve.

I agree RT. The site is to update daily. I hope they improve the image and people wiser than me really track it and give it the attention it deserves.