Thursday, June 21, 2007

Silly Season Extended

If this is the kind of poll we'll be dealing with through the summer, I suggest the polling firms take a nice long vacation.


Steve V said...


You will notice I resisted my natural instinct to do a post on that poll. I can't get the visual of sharing a tent with Harper out of my head.

Karen said...

Ughhh! LOL Steve. I'm agreed. Playing golf even. I don't, but my partner does and I asked him the question.

He said, not a chance this guy plays golf and he would be my worst nightmare as a partner.

I knew you would resist the urge, :), so I just had to.

Cool pic of Dion though, no?

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine fat boy Stevie camping up north in Lake Temagami as a teenager?

A liability in most group activities.

Karen said...

Not without a private insurance policy mushroom, :).

Steve V said...

That is a great pic knb :)

Anonymous said...

Decima has a hard time making up false numbers to put cons ahead so they show their true colors with this makebelieve poll...who in the heck would like to be in the company of such an arrogant pr--k as harper....I thought maybe either ipsos.strategic or decima would come out with a 'send-off poll' for harper of maybe around 42%. Unbelievable. I clearly remember an interview with the first reformer elected deb gray who stated that her assistant stephen harper would not go with her to hockey game as he could not stand hockey and was on interested in 'policy'...Now as with everything else he is a hockey expert...signed gramps

Karen said...

That's an interesting bit of trivia I've never heard, gramps.

Anonymous said...

From Wikipedia:
"Decima Research is a public opinion and market research company in Canada, founded in 1980 by Progressive Conservative Party of Canada strategist Allan Gregg.

Gregg left Decima in 1994 and went in to semi-retirement following the electoral disaster for the Progressive Conservatives in the 1993 election in which he was the key communications strategist for the party. "

Conservative leaning polling firm.


Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want to play golf or camp with any of them?

What a stupid question for a pollster to put forward - desperate or what?

Red Tory said...

I'd rather go fox hunting with Tony Blair. ;)

What an abusrd poll. Camping with Fat Boy... yeah, that sounds like a hoot.