Friday, June 29, 2007

Day of Action

Anyone who ventured to the BT's today, would have witnessed many a vile and uneducated rant about the point of today's action, not to mention a jaundiced view of what actually happened.

Thankfully, their view of what would occur, was as fictional as how they see other issues in this country.

Yes, there was one fire-brand who disrupted things in eastern Ontario, but in the rest of the country, large urban centres to small communities, we saw education and unity.

I'm not speaking to unity only among First Nations, but unity among Canadians and I sense a different mood now.

The issues are huge and complex and will not be satisfied by one day, nor by taking a black and white view, but there seems to be a sea change and I think that is a good sign.

It's time we all educated ourselves about this issue and allowed a real dialogue to happen. I for one hope this is a good step forward.


Red Canuck said...

I purposely avoided the BT's today. For some odd reason, I just wasn't in the mood for native-bashing and the righteous indignation of ignorant bigots.

Karen said...

You avoided well then RC because they were as you described.

More fool them.

Red Tory said...

I think it was almost obligatory for them to get their collective shorts in a knot about those uppity natives. I'll bet they're mighty disappointed that nothing violent happened anywhere for them to get all lathered up over. And poor Joanne... what will she find to get hot and bothered about now? Back to her crazed hatred of Suzuki and McGuinty, I guess...

Oh, Stephen Taylor wants to charge that Mohawk leader with a felony for interfering with interprovincial commerce. Good luck with that. LOL. What a bunch of maroons.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Stephen Taylor wanted the farmers charged too when they blocked the 401 with their tractors?

Red Tory said...

Ah, good one! Yes, indeed.