Saturday, June 16, 2007

Restoring the Reputation

It's difficult not to feel some sadness when reading this. I know some have nothing but negative things to say about the RCMP, but I think this institution deserves to have it's reputation reinstated.

Having said that, I completely disagree with Brown and think that a Public Inquiry is needed. Having watched some of the committee meetings dealing with this issue, it's clear that what has gone on at the RCMP cannot be remedied by a mere change at the top and an over-sight group.

Watching some of the testimony, it's pretty clear to even me, that some sort of coverup has gone on.

I know the government line will be that an inquiry will cost too much money and take too much time, but this not some simple little "petty theft" case that can easily remedied. As NDP MP Christopherson says, "they said that about Air India too".

For reasons that elude me at the moment, the government has been very reluctant from the beginning to have an inquiry and that is disturbing. From the time that the RCMP launched an investigation into Ralph Goodale, during an election, something seemed wrong.

I think the RCMP and Canadians deserve to know all of the truth. Without it, real trust in the organisation won't be restored.


The Mound of Sound said...

I think the rank and file officers are first rate. At least I've never had any experience of them that would give me any other impression. From what I've seen and read, a lot of working Mounties share the public's disdain for their brass. The rot seems to be at A Division headquarters in Ottawa. That's where the broom is so badly needed.

Anonymous said...

It has long been held by many wise men of our present and past that the RCMP have needed to be brought to heel for a long time. they lead the league in violating law, civil rights and justice in this country. That 'image' thing has been a great tool for many of them to hide behind and it stands in the way of the job they're supposed to do. Don't feel to sorry for them; they're definately self-made.

Karen said...

tmos, I agree. It does seem to come from the top and when you hear the testimony of some of the officers, it's pretty clear that they are honourable men and women attempting to get things right.

Anon, that's a pretty wide brush you are painting with. Even if what you say is true for some of the force, don't the balance deserve an Inquiry to change things?