Saturday, June 30, 2007

Seeing Blue

Something I find both amusing and annoying, is the need for some Conservatives to defend any slight, (perceived or real), leveled at their leader or party.

It's one thing when they defend the indefensible, (Fortier, Income Trusts, Emerson, Atlantic Accords, etc.), but when they feel the need to defend an intentionally light article suggesting that the Harper & co. is changing our national colours to better reflect his party on Canada Day, well that is just hilarious to me.

I really think spending all those years in opposition is something the conservatives are just never going to get over.

Capt. (retired) Ron Bezant felt it important enough to write a letter to the editor but as far as I can tell, he didn't check his facts. Red and white are our national colours and have been since 1921. I presume the red, white and blue he refers to are the Canadian Red Ensign, which of course was used as our former flag, however, it was never adopted as official by the Parliament of Canada.

I haven't seen the stage for tomorrow's celebrations yet, but if indeed it is decidedly Conservative blue, more fool them. Such a public display of their peevishness will not go unnoticed.


Anonymous said...

Hi i'm John get a life and get off your LIB Rocking Chair it's just colors it's not the end of the world. I know it is for you JUST RELAX PLEASE you need it !!


P.S. I don't care what color they use it's a party and our Country holiday.

Karen said...

John, thanks for proving my point!

Anonymous said...

Hi i'm John

No problem because you just proved my point thank you !

A Eliz. said...

Ugh !!!That flag is the the ugliest flag I have ever seen..surely the cons would never try to go that far..They would never be allowed to change our beloved flag.

Karen said...

lizt., they don't have the courage to try.

In truth though, I don't think that is their ultimate aim, though it is the subliminal message that they hope to impart.

I thought that was against the law? LOL

Karen said...

I should have included the fact, that many con's defended, (on talk radio), that the flag they preferred at the time, was the red maple leaf in the middle, on a white surround, bordered with blue. They said, the only reason the flag became red and white only, was Pearson's fault...that damned Liberal.

Truth is, Pearson's choice was the the blue sides...he lost the vote.

Red Canuck said...

John - I assume you'd have no problem affixing a large rainbow sticker to the back of your car. After all, they're just colours without any particular significance, right champ?

Karen said...

(((RC))), well said!

A Eliz. said...

The flag that was chosen , was chosen out of spite by the conservatives back then, because it was not a Pearson flag...they voted for it!

Red Tory said...

KNB — Watching MDL yesterday, I wondered what Duffy’s parting crack about Ottawa “looking a bit blue out there today” (camera shot of Parliament Hill) was intended to mean, that is until I read Delacourt’s article the later that evening. Then I read Scott Tribe and others seeming to take the piece with some seriousness as too did some of the BTs like “Phantom Observer” and others who thought Delacourt was “delusional” and paranoid. While Delacourt isn’t altogether unjustified given the “rebranding” efforts of the “new” government — its website for example incorporates a whole lot more Tory blue into its appearance — it was a pretty feeble allegation and probably made half in jest. The fact of the matter is that the design of the stage has been blue sometimes in the past even when the Liberals were in power. One year it was even blue and orange… so go figure. It’s a bit silly to read too much into this as some Liberals and Conservatives have done.

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm John:

Red Canuck and KNB please relax i'm talking about the color of the stage not the
color of our flag. Is this the most important news you people can find is there nothing more pressing then a spat on what color the stage should be for Canada Day ?


P.S. Red I would not put any sticker's on my car no mater what color it is but I assume you'd have no problem affixing a large red rainbow sticker to the back of your car since you like red so much right really important isn't !!!

Red Canuck said...

John - *sigh* Although I do think red would be a more appropriate colour than blue for the occasion, I'm not going to lose any sleep worrying about what colour the stage is.

a large red rainbow

A red rainbow? So going from top to bottom, is that red, red, red, red, red, red and red? (I can never remember the order!)

Happy Canada Day, all!

Anonymous said...

Hi this is John again:

Red Funny you should be in comedy.


Red Tory said...

RC — Actually, I think it would be burgundy, cherry, crimson, rose, ruby, scarlet and vermeil.

Red Canuck said...

RT - Ah yes. I stand corrected. :)

Anonymous said...

Something I find both amusing and annoying, is the need for some Conservatives to defend any slight, (perceived or real), leveled at their leader or party.

This is quite a comment coming from someone who lives to post rebuttals and comebacks on any lib blog that will have her. You of all people seem to be the most consumed by hatred for the other side yet this hatred goes unnoticed by you.

You claim to be an artist without a studio. My advice would be to get one ASAP and vent your feelings out in some productive art. Living just to type out the next EXCELLENT COMEBACK is non productive. Ask your husband if your ouvre of smackdowns has been worth the effort. Have you made a difference? I would say with posts like "John, thanks for proving my point!" the answer is no. Give up the pool, give up the laptop and get back into some meaningful art before its too late.

Other than that, enjoy the long weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi i'm John:

KNB you must be going out of your mind right know because i'm just watching the Canada show on tv from my home in Montreal and i see
the stage ALL IN BLUE i just have 1 think to tell you is to take 2 Tylenol's
and lie down it'll pass that goes for you too RED CANUCK.


Karen said...

Ooooh look! Free advice from an anonymouse!

RT & RC, lol.

Scotian said...


Whenever someone comes to tell you that your words are making no difference and that you would be better served spending time doing other things such as anonymous at 12:00 PM did you can take that as evidence that you are succeeding after all. Otherwise why make the effort to dissuade you in the first place? One of the more effective ways of silencing voices of dissent (without force being used that is) is by convincing them no one cares/is listening. I have had that approach tried on me repeatedly over nearly 20 years now, and every time I have stuck it out and found that my words did end up making a difference to many others, and if you are able to even change the mind of one person then that is a difference worth the effort. The concept of the free market is worshipped by modern conservatives except where the marketplace of ideas is concerned; there they want a monopoly situation. Don't give it to them.


Take your own advice; KNB at least is willing to have a consistent alias to attach her comments to, which is far more than you appear willing to.


On the topic of the post itself, none of this surprises me, neither the touchiness of CPC (and especially Harper cult of personality followers) defenders nor the increasingly blatant attempts to rebrand the national colours surreptitiously (as in unofficially, without passing it through Parliament officially) to include their party brand of blue, even though blue has not been a part of the official colours of Canada as of over 85 years ago as KNB noted. In other words outside of living memory for all but maybe 1 percent of the population at the upper end of the senior citizen demographic. While RT is right in his observation that blue has been used in the past from what I am gathering what makes what we are seeing now worthy of comment is the extent to which it is being taken by this Harper CPC minority government (propped up by the BQ for both budgets so far) considered along with the clear rebranding efforts that the CPC has been doing to make the government look like a CPC dominated structure (which in a majority would be one thing, but in a minority, especially as weak a minority as Harper has speaks volumes to his and his party's arrogance and sense of entitlement beyond money but rather in terms of partisanizing the government infrastructures to subordinate them to the CPC) which is hardly appropriate and arguably anti-Canadian in nature.

I hear so much from CPCers about how partisan the judges are, the courts are, the bureaucrats are, basically almost every aspect of government when you get right down to it. How is it that such beliefs are stated yet when hard solid incontrovertible evidence is demanded it is almost always confirmation bias (as in expecting to see something and therefore only seeing things that confirm it and ignoring anything which rebuts it)?

As I have said many times before it underscores the powerful influence of the GOP and movement conservativism from America, the "Liberal media bias/conspiracy" which the leadership of the CPC clearly believes in being one example, the Liberal "judicial activism" from the Supreme Court on down is another, the idea that because one is appointed by a Liberal PM apparently means one is a Liberal party operative first and a Justice of the Supreme Court second, and therefore since CPCers believe this they feel they must appoint activist CPC judges to "balance" this out.

The problem here is that the original problem that this is supposedly fixing, the activist Liberal judges, has never actually been proven to be true (indeed, Harper in 2003 claimed there was a Liberal judicial conspiracy reaching back to Trudeau's days as PM to 2003 all to make SSM legal, he later walked back somewhat from that position and then pretended he never said it since, this was on Politics with Don Newman in Aug or Sept 2003 sorry I can't be more specific than that) will actually create an activist courts where there is not one and one biased to movement conservativism and not first in Canadian precedent and jurisprudence and respect of our Constitution and Charter. Much of what CPCers see as activism by judges is simply judges following the principles of the Charter in ways that offends such folks, and rather than blame the charter alone (which would NOT be a popular move outside of the hardcore CPC base seeing as the supermajority of Canadians clearly like and are happy to have our Charter) they blame judges, just like their American counterparts. Something CPCers seem to forget is that the Charter was written and passed by elected Parliamentarians and therefore when judges follow its directions they are not usurping (by being "ativist" on rulings they dislike) the role of the legislative branch but merely following it's instructions.

PS: Happy Canada Day KNB and to all your readers!

Karen said...

Thank you Scotian. Your comment to me is very much appreciated.

Your comment in general is excellent as always.

You're quite right, this particular government has indeed worked at rebranding everything to reflect the CPC.

You know, the blue didn't bother me as much as his partisan speech did this morning. It's Canada Day, not, Conservative Day. His ridiculous assertion that "Canada is back", was beyond the pale.

It's gone alright, he's making sure of that, but it's not back yet.

As for the stage, apologies to whoever designed it, but I thought it was awful, colour aside. It looked like a beer can or something.

Oh well, here's hoping next year the con's will be a distant memory.

Happy Canada Day to you too Scotian!