Thursday, September 13, 2007

Are We Proud Now?

I'm not quite sure what more this government can do to embarrass this country and cause the rest of the world to shake their collective head.

In almost every International venue, this government has taken a shameful stance. If you do not think this is doing Canada's reputation damage on the world stage, you are wrong. It's not debatable, it's fact based on real reaction.

Today of course, Canada opted to vote against the UN aboriginal declaration. For decades, Canada has been instrumental in designing the wording of the declaration. That stopped when the con's took power. The con's had an agenda, one obviously designed to keep the aboriginal issue at bay. Big mistake. Having Strahl there, will make no difference of course, because he, like Prentice, is only consumed with pleasing their "man".

How they can actually think they can go forward in good faith, on any dispute, is laughable. They have basically said, "we do not think enough of you to recognise your rights, the rights the rest of us have". Good luck with that strategy.

What was so telling, is that Chief Fontaine was so gracious...hoping, (while interviewed) that the gov't will reconsider. They won't of course. He was right to say that this is a "stain" on Canada's reputation.

Who else voted against? The usual suspects. The US, Australia and New Zealand. Keep kissing Harper, because you'll need those lips close, to resuscitate yourself.

To any con's out there that propose the legislation that you brought through re' Human Rights, and suggesting that the Lib's are stonewalling, hold your breath. Aboriginal communities have asked for consultation, something your government opposes and that is why the opposition has held up the Bill. MSM, in either their obvious deference to the government, or their ignorance, never bring that up, but it's fact.

I imagine most Canadians are introspective at this time of year. Getting children back to school, concentrating on what lies before them personally through the winter, so perhaps they aren't aware of how this government has chipped away at our reputation throughout the summer. My hope is, that the affected will start to organise and inform. The con's have cut through this country and it's values, with a huge scythe. It deserves to be noticed.

Dion said it well:

"By arguing against the text it helped draft, and ultimately trying to defeat it, Canada has lost credibility among the community of nations concerned about the protection of human rights," said Mr. Dion. "Is this the legacy Mr. Harper wishes for his government and his country?"

Apparently it is.

You know, they could have abstained. They could of put out a less inflammatory message, but as usual, they chose to be the bully. These people, the con's, are cowards and the sooner that comes out, the better.


Anonymous said...

This was one big waste of time and money. This UN declaration isn't worth the paper its printed on!!

The reason its because
its non binding.All of these high paying UN
buracrates paid from our tax dollars and others,apparently had nothing better to do then to draw up a declaration that took 20 years if you can believe it. Of course its non binding
what a waste of time and money.

So it passed 143-4!!
Geez I wonder how many of these countries actually would vote in favor of this declaration if it were

Let me guess not many because otherwise it would have been binding

What a bunch of hypocrites some of these countries are!!

Yet the left adores the
UN one big waste of
money and time.

Now about being embarrassed thee only time I felt embarrassed
was when Jean chretien was in power.

Harper does not embarrass this country
it embarrass some on the left.

P.S. Knb I hope your feeling better tonight?
I have more funny vid if you want the link to
the last one let me know.

Steve V said...


The Conservatives keep arguing that the Liberals had reservations about the wording too. If you look at the actual record, articulated by third-parties (i.e other agencies and countries involved), the Liberals were instrumental in bring together a consensus, finding a middle ground, writing the script. Words such as "crucial", "integral", "honest broker" were all used, and not by domestic partisans with an agenda. Those same people said the tone took a decided shift when the Cons took power, and Canada became combative and unilateral.

Karen said...

Indeed Steve, I have looked at it but did not go into detail, but thank you for pointing it out.

I'm angry frankly. I'm angry that the MSM is not speaking to fact. To be honest, my partner and I just had this out, he defending media, me, not so much.

Yep, those are the arguments that happen in this house...we made up .

John, repeating Harper's comments lends you no crediblity here. You and he are wrong on this, dead wrong. You will see how wrong you are play out, until then, remain in your wrong headed world. We are quite happy, seeing you there.

Thanks for your kind thoughts John, but this is long term, or short term as the doc's want to say. I'm dealing with it the best I can.

Steve V said...

Hope all is well knb :)

Karen said...

Thx Steve, that's my aim ;).