Monday, September 17, 2007

What Are We Doing?

The Navy is relaxing their rules as it relates to the environment in the Arctic. Good grief, it would seem that we are determined to destroy every square foot of this planet.

Have we not learned how this behaviour affects us, other inhabitants of the planet including flora?

Aren't we in a predicament now that we are striving to clean up the mess we've already made, without pursuing how to further screw things up?

The revamped orders, expected this fall, would also allow Canadian ships to dump raw sewage offshore in the Arctic and even to toss garbage bags overboard if there are "operational" reasons for doing so.

This of course because Harper has increased our presence in the Arctic. I won't argue that point, because I see pro's and con's, but overall I do not think that we have to it all militarily.

Military-source pollution in the sensitive Arctic environment is becoming a navy headache as the federal government sends more warships north on sovereignty patrols in a region already under assault from global warming.

This response from the navy is far too facile and historically, that has been our problem isn't it? We choose what is easy and worry about it later. Wrong!

What is truly preposterous about this, is the fact that we know it's wrong, we have proof, facts and they are proposing to do it anyway.

If you care, please contact your MP and the government.

BTW, you'll notice that I'm not blogging about all the nonsense coming out of Outremont at the moment. Same subject though...raw sewage.


Anonymous said...

KNB at first look I'd say that your right,but if we look at it closely it makes sense.

Our Navy has to do something with the sewage! What do you expect them to do with it? Don't you think if there was some other way they wouldn't do it? Do you think that the Navy wants to pollute? I surly don't!

I like your sarcasm:
"BTW, you'll notice that I'm not blogging about all the nonsense coming out of Outremont at the moment. Same subject though...raw sewage." Very funny really!!:)

Karen said...

No John, it doesn't make sense.

I don't have the answer, nor am I paid to figure it out.

What they are choosing is what is easy and until we intellectually dig deeper, we are doomng this planet.

It's likely not an easy, nor a cheap solution, but it's one worth pursuing.

This is insanity in it's truest form. Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.

If Harper is for this, say's it's nothing, he's taking an indefensible position, but I'll wait and see and hope he does the right thing.