Saturday, September 29, 2007


The Canadian Forces are sending some of our troops to be trained by none other than the infamous Blackwater. I have no idea what on earth would possess our military to make such a move at any time, but to do it now, seems all but insane given recent events in Iraq.

Why would we associate ourselves, with a group that has been termed a lawless band of mercenaries? And why now, when resentment for our troops is on the rise?

Here's another look at this group.

I guess Hillier, of "kill the scumbags" fame, saw a good fit.

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Jay said...

I guess if you wanna be a George W wannabe you have to invest in the military industrial complex too.

Its bad enough they don't tender contracts, now we are sending our troops to private militias (always a danger to stability of a nation) to learn mercenary techniques.

Why doesn't he just marry Laura too and get the love in over with.