Friday, September 21, 2007

Is There a More Disgusting Person on the Planet?

Obviously, there are, but let me put it this way. This guy now lies in the company of every despot, who incites hate and strives to change opinion through deception. He has become the enemy that he decries and the fact that he has adopted their strategy, completely eludes him.

This article and sound clip gives you a taste of just how low he will go.

He carries Bush's water of course. Bush, the idiot, who said this recently. I don't even understand what he meant? How did he confuse Iraq and Africa? Does he really think that Saddam Hussein went in and killed the Mandela family? For the record, I think there is something seriously wrong with this man.

Limbaugh's style, is obviously being emulated here, in Canada. Charles Adler, Bill Carroll...they carry Harper's water and present their audiences with nonsense. The audience, laps it up in a way that brought about the "kool-aid" expression and it's apt.

Those who cannot think, will follow these people, here in Canada, just as they have in the US.

At what point will intelligent media step in and claim their intended spot in society? Are we past it? I sincerely hope not. There is a place for intellectual discourse. Sadly, too many seem to have dismissed that need.

Step up to the challenge. Who among them will?


Anonymous said...

Well done. I think you should send your blog to every MSM in Canada - their editors, etc.

Let them know we're watching and they are far too lazy these days.

Perhaps a boycott of newspapers until they do their jobs (extreme, I know, but I'm so angry).

They also have Ann Coulter. Even Blogging Tories' "Dr. Roy" is a fan of Ann Coulter.

Anonymous said...

So true. I agree with you. However, in terms of doing the damage to the world Bush tops.

The Mound of Sound said...

I appreciate good prose and a well aimed point. Thanks.