Friday, September 21, 2007

How Would Nellie McClung Respond?

It's no secret that Harper is hell bent on dismantling, (by not funding) all programs designed to assist citizens protect their constitutional rights.

From the Court Challenges Program, to the Law Commission of Canada, the Status of Women program, (they closed 12 of 16 offices), the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women and other women's advocacy groups, the most recent being the largest, the National Association of Women and the Law, NAWL.

Harper's ideology, his belief that government has no role in our lives, specifically as it relates to social issues, seems particularly determined to target women. Why that is, I'm not entirely clear, but it's a fact. The rationale used to close these programs, is that women are equal and require no additional help. That is pure fiction of course, as women make up the poorest part of society in this country. They are still only paid .73 on the dollar and of course have many other issues, for which they still require assisstance, domestic violence, etc.

Slowly but surely, he is chipping away at all groups that advocate for women. If you have money, you can fight for your rights. If not, there is nowhere to go and no one to help. It's difficult to believe just how regressive Harper and his followers are.

Of course he's a hypocrite, because what is his favourite line with respect to Afghanistan? We are there to help women, who for so long have been repressed and had no one to advocate for them.

What is most disturbing though, is just how under the radar all of this seems to be. There is an occasional article, but it really doesn't get much play. Harper is dismantling this country, bit by bit, and the media is more interested in chasing the inane sound bite, than they are in telling us what is actually going on.

Given how many groups Harper has offended, perhaps the anger will come to a head all at once. Perhaps there will be a collective scream that will not only wake up the media, but oust Harper in a magnificent way.

Think of power these groups speaking as one would have:

- Environmentalists
- Manufacturers
- Income Trust victims
- Families in need of Daycare
- Women
- Aboriginal Groups
- Literacy Groups
- Farmers, (specifically those involved with the Wheat Board)
- the Arts Community get the idea.

Perhaps they will come together to manifest Nellie McClung's famous quote, in a contemporary context:

For generations women have been thinking, and thought without expression is dynamic and gathers volume by repression. Evolution when blocked and supressed becomes revolution.(1915)


Anonymous said...
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Gayle said...

"Why that is, I'm not entirely clear, but it's a fact."

Probably because he panders to his base, and his base is largely men.

Some guy at RT's the other day described himself as a "pale male" who pays taxes and gets nothing back for them.

That is the attitude Harper's boys carry.

Johnny - your link contradicts nothing.

Anonymous said...

KNB if you care to read please go right here!! it will contradict what you are saying in this post.

I know I wont be able to convince you well its to bad. Thee answers are on the link if you care to read it.

Karen said...

John, you expect me to read some flim-flam Flaherty comments as some sort of rebuttal to my thoughts? Ha!

I'll trust my own instincts over that lying pol, each and every time. Flaherty, Oda, Vener say they aren't cutting funding, but the FACT remains that they are. They lie, you buy, that's your choice. It doesn't mean they aren't lying.

Gayle, if he panders to males, he panders to bigotted males. The ones that think that National Childcare is a scheme to keep women in the workplace, rather than at home with their children where they belong, gag. Come to think of it, their a a lot of women in that camp too.

Anonymous said...

KNB like i said i didn't expect you to agree. Thats fine. Its just darn too bad that you just keep swallowing the left
wing propaganda.Every word that the left seems to say its golden to you.

I really do feel sorry for you people. I really do no jokes here. Too Bad!!!

Karen said...

Here's the difference John. I formulate my own opinions. I write my blog based on my experiences in life and what I value. I write about institutions in this country, that aren't always the result of Liberal governments, but rather the natural progression of a progressive society.

You on the other hand, allow the current government to speak for you. Whether you parrot their lines or provide links, it's all the same.

When you accuse me of swallowing left wing propaganda, you haven't a clue of what you are saying. That is the so far removed from who I am, you have no idea.

I strongly suggest that you look up the definition of projection. It is what the current government is famous for and you have fallen right in step.

If your only mission here is to say Harper is great, without any critical thinking, I'd ask that you don't bother.

It foster's no discussion, it simply shut's things down.

Anonymous said...

KNB the problem with
you people on the left
is that the sky is falling nothing is good.

Except when you leader says its good then everything is fine.

Is it possible that you can't find anything good to say about this government really amazing to me.

I could understand why
the Dion's Liberals act
like the sky is falling,because they have to,they want power.

Your not thee only one
that gives their opinion on things!! So
do I yes yes I have opinion too did you know this.

Anonymous said...


I forgot to mention this:

You ask me to look up
the definition of projection.

I'll ask you to look up the definition of Paranoid,because fits the left like a glove.

Karen said...

You obviously didn't take my advice.

Anonymous said...

KNB i know what projection means alright!! You have your opinion i have mine. I just wish that you would respect that.

Whether you like it or not the left by in large is paranoid nothing you say will change that fact no mater how you twist it.

Karen said...

John, your sweeping comments hold no sway here. You do not argue the point, you simply do what your party tells you...hmm who has done that in history?

John, work on your own blog, gain an audience, build your ideas and leave me alone.

I know it's fun to criticise the enemy, but without thought, it means nothing.

Please, concentrate on your blog. Plug your ideas and ideals there.

My blog is not the place to do that. You challenge no one. In fact, you've kinda hijacked my blog. You have your own now, work there.

Anonymous said...

KNB fine i have no problem with that you
like people who only agree with your view point thats ok.

I thought you were interested in opposing views i guess i was wrong why am I not surprised!!

You said:

"John, your sweeping comments hold no sway here. You do not argue the point, you simply do what your party tells you...hmm who has done that in history?"

I don't care what you may think about my opinions. They are my opinions whether you like them or not.

Apparently you want people who agree with your facts and nothing
more.You say you like conversation Ha thats a laugh,unless they happen to agree with you.

Anonymous said...

"Harper's ideology, his belief that government has no role in our lives, specifically as it relates to social issues, seems particularly determined to target women."

Just curious how this has affected your life as a woman? Could you please tell me?


Gayle said...

Jem - I cannot speak for KNB, but I will give you my thoughts.

I am a woman in a male dominated profession. Thanks to the work of LEAF, SOW and NAWL, that male dominance has decreased - but it is still there.

For example, I know there are women's fraternities, but they do not have the same political and business connections that male fraternities have. This is but one of several examples of the "Old Boy's Club".

What you may not understand is that it can be intimidating for women to enter a male dominated world. We have to put up with snide comments, anti-feminist sentiment (people believe that just because you have a job in a particular area, that alone means there is no discrimination against women), and sometimes the belief you got the job just because you are a woman.

I do not have children, but from what I see of my colleagues who do, it is the mother's who make career sacrifices, who take the days off in order to care for the children. That is generally because women make less than men, so that makes more sense.

I agree that things are much better than when I entered the profession 14 years ago, but there is still a long ways to go before women are equal.

From my perspective we will never have true equality until we banish the attitude that women are sexual playthings (not just pornography, but also Sunshine girls). So long as there is rape, wife beating and other crimes against women, perpetrated simply because they are women, equality will not exist.

(and before you point out that men are victims of violence too, let me say the vast majority of perpetrators are men, and when women are the victims it is generally because they are women).

I could go on, but those are a couple of points.

Karen said...

Jem, any systematic erosion of institutions, designed to fight for the rights of individuals, who are unable to do so on their own, affect me as a person, not just a woman.

I have not had to avail myself of these groups and I consider myself fortunate. That does not exclude me from the argument however. I've worked in male dominated fields and been treated to all you may imagine goes along with that.

The facts are, that women are still not on equal footing in this country and the systems we had in place to help end that inequity, are being abolished.

As a woman and as a Canadian, I see that as unacceptable. I don't view this country only in terms of how it affects me, but rather how it impacts all of us.

I'm not entirely sure that I understand the thrust of your question, but I hope that helps clarify my position.