Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Well, there certainly is no shortage of opinion on last night's by-elections. Whether you read the blogs or the papers, there is everything from finger pointing, to panic.

I subscribe to neither camp. I do however think it's time for reflection, to chart a course going forward. To ignore the mistakes made or worse, suggest there were none and blithely roll along, would be a huge error mistake in my view.

Dion has taken responsibility, as he should, and now it's his job to analyse what needs to change. Those who suggest that all the blame should be laid at his feet and are calling for his ouster, are not thinking straight, imo. Now is not the time to fracture the party even further by suggesting a new leader. It's time to really focus on any existing fractures and deal with them now.

I'm afraid I don't understand people, who have seen how destructive internal rivalries are, go on to make a decision to perpetuate them. If the Liberal party, wants to survive, let alone win, those who have supposedly been stirring the pot, should be exposed and fired.

While I do not think Dion has received enough coverage for all the good work he did this summer, I do think he was wrong not to spend more time in Quebec. I also think other MP's from Quebec need to get out there to gain a sense of what constituents are looking for from the Liberal party.

The Lib's are not going to get any help from the media, that's become obvious, so they have to find a way to break through that.

Anyway, there are lessons to be learned, let's learn them without self-flagellation.


Anonymous said...

knb if you can help me on something what is IMO
please thank you!

Anonymous said...

Can hardly wait for the onslaught of tory polls by Ipsos reid and strategic council telling us the cons have jumped way ahead by 5 or 10 points....believe it or not.I have decided to better my health and never turn on CTV again for question period or for duffy after his super-biased opinions and his lies as he pretends to read like he has a hotline to everything and everyone and they are all talking to him...what a fat jerk he is. gramps

Karen said...

John, imo is, "in my opinion".

Gramps, lol. Duff and his blackberry is high-larious. I think laying off the CTV is excellent advice.

I do wonder though, if perhaps some of their "inside" sources will be outed/fired, and therefore "dry up". If so, I have no idea what Taber will find to write about.

Anonymous said...

KNB thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Why you'd watch CTV is beyond me. You already own CBC with their one-sidded news in praising only the LIEberal party of Canada - which will change to the Red And Green Party [that is the R.A.G. Party] Hopefully the Cons will stop funding to CBC - because if they can't make it today in the country, why suport it. We have better comunication now than when CBC started and it is a total waste of our tax payers dollars. Let them be like any other stations in Canada - get out and get advertising dollars. Yet, CBC is a LIEberal entitlement because it is run by them.

As for Duffy, I have no place or time for him also. During a speech from Cretchin in Calgary to the Oil sector of Albeta - the only thing he commented on was that no one gave him applause or stood up in respect. When did he deserve respect in Western Canada. He is the third most hated PM in Canada and duffy wanted people to give him respect, it would be like giving respect to Trudeau or Brian M.

burlivespipe said...

Right on the money, knb. It was an eye-opening night, but i think the lessons learned can do wonders and actually inject more energy into the team, if the prescription (whatever Dion sees fit) takes...