Thursday, September 06, 2007

What About a Debate in Canada First?

As I have come to expect from this government, once again, issues that affect all Canadians, are being dealt with in secret. No debate, no discussion, not even a hint of what their position is on a issue as important as repatriating nuclear waste.

Canada will make a decision on joining a new U.S.-led nuclear initiative "within a matter of days," Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier said Thursday at a summit of pan-Pacific leaders.

Well, isn't that great. A minority government, is going to unilaterally determine whether or not to join a group, that is not only controversial, but is recommending proposals that are dangerous to Canadians and others around the world.

That in itself is bad enough, but that we don't even know where the government stands on the issues, is worse.

The Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper is denying reports that it has been suppressing information about the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership after documents obtained by The Canadian Press showed negotiations between Canada and other governments have been ongoing for at least a year.

It is unbelievable that with each passing day, this government believes that they can simply say that something isn't so, in spite of factual evidence to the contrary, repeat it a hundred times and that's it. Canadians really must wake up, especially as it relates this issue.

Whether or not the "repatriation" issue is on the agenda, is irrelevant. It's certainly an issue that the group supports, so it's a matter of now or later.

If this government joins this group, it will once again show it's total disregard for Canadians and their opinion, not to mention our system, our government. If they go ahead, Harper will once and for all demonstrate his "Bush-like" style of governance.

The media had better stay on this. I have little faith in their attention span, but this one is too important to dismiss.


Anonymous said...

where is John on this subject. He usually has a comment on most of the subjects you post.

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It's not his blog though...those of us who care, stay on topic.

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It's easy, really.

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