Thursday, May 21, 2009

Again? Have You Learned Nothing?

I swear this government is pathological. This is Bill Ayers. Does he look like a terrorist threat to you?
Yes, I know, you can't tell a terrorist by how he/she may appear, but really, we know who he is and we further know that he is no threat. Just as we knew that Galloway was no threat. Will the government allow either of them in? Of course not.
I really do wonder what the end game is here. Is this really just all a show of force for the Harper core supporters? You know the ones. Those who see terra suspects on every corner, or scream for the death penalty to be reinstated, or more importantly, those who have no problem trampling over our rights and applying the laws of the land as they choose. Because if that is who they are trying to satisfy in this country, that certainly leaves the majority of Canadians out.
What benefit can there be to that? Those people would support Harper if he changed our currency to wood in an effort to save the lumber industry.
No, to my mind if you add this to how the government has reacted to Khadr, Abdelrazik and Kohail, there is a distinct reverberating tone that should tell everyone that they are selective as to who they believe have rights. They are selective as to who they believe should be treated humanely. If you go against their philosophy, their rigid ideology and they can get away with treating you differently, they will, in spite of evidence that renders their argument moot, if not ridiculous.
That said, I know the usual's will jump on and claim the old...but, but, the Liberals! Save your breathe. Circumstances have changed, evidence has been provided and in some cases our courts have ruled against the government. The Liberal position on all of these issues today is clear. What another caucus decided, at another time, doesn't have any bearing on what is going on today.
If anyone doubted the stranglehold that the Reformers have on this party, it surely should be clear by now.
They have learned nothing and are completely out of touch with Canadians....and they couldn't care less.


Anonymous said...

So, are you saying that only former Reform party members are manning the entry points to Canada or do you think that the Prime Minister himself is perusing the list on a daily basis and giving the thumbs up or down depending on his whims?
And when Iggy is finally crowned the fairest in our land, will he open the floodgates to everyone or do you think he will let the border and customs agents decide who can gain entry into Canada?
Just wondering.

Respectfully yours
Saskboys Homeboy

RuralSandi said...

The last comment is just too pathetic to even comment on...sigh.

If Ayers was such a danger, he wouldn't be allowed to teach in US schools, etc. The US is (was) much more paranoid than Canada - that's changing.

Unbelievable how stupid and gullible some people are.

Anonymous said...

Now if we all look at our past wouldn't Harper ,.... a few years back, be up for Treason?

Karen said...

saskboys actually I think Harper creeps out at night dressed as a border guard and for fun, turns away people at random.

What do you have to say about the border guards who let Ayers in for the past 25 years? Do I think there is a connection?

Ayers has no criminal record. It's absurd.

Karen said...

anon, Harper should be up for a lot of things.

I just hope his time is up.

Tomm said...

Why are you blaming Harper? Is it just convenience? At least be honest with your readers.

Ayers indicated that he has been in Canada many times, but was first barred entry in 2005.

...hmmm 2005? Could that have been under a Liberal government? And he has been barred since.

Should I go back to Rural Sandi and Liberal Arts and Minds to check to see if you railed away at the Liberal government in 2005 over this egregious act?

I don't think I need to.

It sounds like Canada has upgraded its list of undesirables. Why don't we discuss that, instead of turning this into a political show issue?

You don't need to answer that...

Karen said...

No, you're right Tomm. I hadn't seen that line in the article.

Now, I could suggest that maybe the fact that he was going to speak at the U of Calgary had something to do with it but...;)

The fact remains though, that after the kerfuffle in January, it was clear that there was no reason to keep him out and the list should have been ammended by the gov't.

We are suffering from a post 9/11 over reaction, imo, and I suspect there are many areas that should be revised. I also suspect that governments are reluctant to do so lest they be tagged 'soft of terra'.

For the record, if the Liberals were in power at the moment, I'd be saying the same thing.

Tomm said...


I can respect that.

I also agree with you, to an extent. Free speech is absolutely critical and we need to more forcefully embrace it. I am not sure how "free" our borders should be.

I know that I don't want my government allowing in a war mongering Mullah, but I don't know where my line actually sits between here and there.