Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Real Deficit?

When Jim Prentice was named Minister of the Environment, there was much speculation as to why. We'd had the absurd Ambrose, then the bombastic Baird, so the accomplished Prentice seemed an odd choice.

At the time, I thought he'd been chosen because he's clever enough not to ruffle feathers and can smooth talk with the best of them. He never really says anything, but when you're being interviewed, that doesn't seem to matter much, especially with this government. Really. It's astonishing what they get away with not answering.

It's been suggested that he was put there to take him out of contention for the top job. Maybe, but I don't see huge signs of upheaval in that caucus, so I stand by my observation, especially when I read something like this.

'Pretty word Prentice' will try to wrap this complete farce into a neat little package that no doubt a good portion of the media will buy and try to sell to us, but really, haven't we woken up yet? The intention of this government was to do nothing on the environment and for once I can say they have done a hell of a job!

They have no credibility on this file or any other as far as I'm concerned and the ramifications are beyond tragic.

The real deficit in this country? The Conservative government.

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