Wednesday, May 27, 2009

CTV and Senator Duffy Broke Codes

Vindication at last. Sadly it comes late, but it is heartening to note that what many of us saw as outrageous treatment of Stéphane Dion has been born out by the ruling by Canadian Broadcast Standards Council.

Oh, and that charmer that Mr. Harper decided to reward for all his partisan assistance, Mike Duffy? His show was named too.


sjw said...

A modern day electronic lynching. Kind of makes you all warm and fuzzy, doesn't it?

Karen said...

It's late in coming, but it's something.

Remember all the spinning by the Conservatives?

I'm glad to see that saner heads prevailed and that they still show up in this country.

Gayle said...

So glad to read this. The LPC should refuse to do interviews with CTV until they have written confirmation that the interviewer has the authority to make these agreements.

As for Mr. Duffy, he recently said that he was not partisan until the liberals made him partisan - which sounds like a pretty strong admission he was partisan.

Karen said...

Really Gayle? He said that? If you have a link I'd appreciate it. It sounds as if he's saying things out loud now, that he's held back for a while.

To the point though, yes this is nice to see and if it were up to me I'd keep the Lib's off CTV. The problem is, we know how they would run that story.

I find it hilarious that the BT's think CTV is one of those crazy leftie org's.

Anonymous said...

Iggy's next on the list.

The Liberals will toss him under the bus too.

ottlib said...

"The LPC should refuse to do interviews with CTV until they have written confirmation that the interviewer has the authority to make these agreements."

Your focus is in the wrong place.

The Liberals should just bide their time and after they win the next election propose some very esoteric but important changes to the media in this country.

When the inevitable lobbyist come out of the woodwork cut of THEIR access to government officials.

In short play hardball with the folks who run these companies.

That will get the attention of the suits that run the private media in this country but it would just go over the heads of most ordinary Canadians.

Brian said...

How do you force a senator to resign over a conflict of interest?

Karen said...

Actually ottlib, having seen some of these suits in committee, that's not a bad idea.

Personally, I'd just like to see the reg's changed to disallow the monopoly we see. Free market my...!

I know. How Liberal of me.

sassy said...

KNB - may I?

For 9:19

Karen said...

You don't Brian, but you expose him (pls gawd not literally) at every chance you get.

Karen said...

LOL sassy! You can bring that to my place anytime.

Anonymous said...

Do any of you remember a guy by the name of John Duffy?

I watched Mike Duffy Live for years. After the stunt that John Duffy pulled, I noticed a change in how Mike Duffy did things.

Maybe you are blaming the wrong person!

Gayle said...

Here you go:

"Duffy staunchly defended his decision to go to "the other side", saying he wasn't always a partisan while he was still working as a reporter.

"You know what made me a partisan? The Liberals."'

So my question is if he decided the liberals "made" him partisan a few minutes before he accepted the Senate position, what with him coming straight from journalism to the Senate and all.

Please also note how he complains about the liberal bias in the CBC and the Globe.

The man is an embarassment to journalists everywhere.

Gayle said...

By the way I found that link at Scott's Diatribes.

RuralSandi said...

Duffy loved Mulroney, Mulroney loved Duffy - Mulroney in doo doo, Duffy mad mad.

Well, we have proof now that CTV IS NOT the most trusted news on television.

CTV cannot be trusted.