Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ideology Comes Home to Roost

The Conservatives, to their chagrin now I'm sure, never hid their animosity toward the CBC before coming to office. Since taking power their rhetoric has been toned down, but the 'perception' they created never really left them.

In fact, it's been exacerbated by careless offhand comments about the Arts in general and Harper only has himself to blame on that count.

So, when you see a poll like this, well, there's really no surprise is there?

Levels of support and satisfaction with the CBC are high but Canadians believe their national public broadcaster is being starved of funds by a government with a vendetta against it.

Oh, the tangled web we weave.

What's particularly interesting is that the unknown carpetbagger, the guy who has been out of the country for so long he has no relationship with it, is the person most trusted to handle matters of Canadian identity.

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff is regarded as "most trusted" to handle matters of culture and Canadian identity in broadcasting by Canadians, a view that is amplified among Quebecers and Atlantic Canadians.

Ha! I'd stay out of Dean Del Mastro's way today. Just sayin...

Speaking of the CBC, this is just wrong.


Anonymous said...

This is vey annoying..I watch Newsworld agreat deal, as do many others an I will miss Inside Politics.Why this?

Karen said...

I don't know anon. My hope is that another political show will replace it because gawd knows, there is nothing else out there.

Follow the link at Far and Wide to complain if you feel so inclined.

RuralSandi said...

Seems it's no accident that Harper appointed a Cons/Donator supporter to head the CBC - it's been downhill ever since.

Was this to make sure there was only a conservative voice (CTV) in the media?

And, while I'm at it, if CTV are having such financial difficulties, how can they afford the fancy, expensive new studio set up for their news channel?

I guess suggesting a boycott of CTV would be out of the question including notifying their sponsors that you cannot condone watching a "news/voice of the people" news station that only has one view - so, therefore, we will not use products advertised on a politically favoured media outlet.

RuralSandi said...

Speaking of Del Mastro - read Impolitical.

Too bad an MP couldn't bring this up in QP today.

Anonymous said...

The CBC is a complete waste of money.

Larry said...

Hmm, Friends of the CBC, eh?

Na, not a biased poll or anything.

Anonymous said...

"Levels of support and satisfaction with the CBC are high"...except no one can stand watching or listening to it.

I don't believe that poll for a second.