Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Week Ahead

Well, the gang is back after a week away in their respective constituencies. What do you expect to see this week?

I have no idea what everyones schedule is. Is the PM in town? I'll have to check assuming that info is out there, but forgetting that, I expect to see some motivated MP's.

I imagine we'll see more questions about EI and more non-answers unveiling a disdain for the unemployed. I also anticipate a rigorous line of questioning concerning Chalk River. To that we'll get calm, but cutting replies from Lisa Raitt, that will be undermined by the industry and stakeholders come Thursday or Friday. Foreign Affairs of course will come up and if MacKay is on the premises, he'll deny saying what he said and toe the party line. Questions about the stimulus package and it's slow release will be on tap as well, I imagine.

If you're looking for petulance, don't forget to tune in early for Members Statements. They will be filled with taunts and lies about Ignatieff and perhaps about Dhalla. I expect a raucous response from the official opposition.

Any other thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Actually our hard working leader Igntieff was not toiling away in his constituency or meeting to plan policies to help Canadains during this tough time or touring the country of Canada he claims Patriot Love for.

He and his wife were in Bermuda and reports are he was reading the novel Angels and Devils.

The hired help back home were doing the work.

Steve V said...

OMG, you mean a Canadian went down south to holiday. I mean, I've never... And that freaking left wing media isn't even covering this scandal. I predict this cad goes to a cottage this summer too. Watch for it.

Could you sound anymore desperate, is it even possible??

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing - constinuency week is NOT a holiday for the MPs. They are paid full time wages and should do full time work.

Just because Ignatieff was not on stage in Question Period in the House did not mean the work does not go on.

The fact that Ignatieff is screaming that Canada is in crisis and takes a week's holiday ANYWHERE is d amned arogant.

But, yes, when he cries that Canada needs the economic stimulus you would think he would do his part and spend some of his own money holidaying in Canada n'est pas?

Ward of the State said...

It hasn't been much in the news, it got overshadowed by Mulroney and nannygate, but liberals are leading a hoist on Bill C-8 Monday night.

It's a marginal issue for mainstream Canadians but a big one in Indian country.

Not sure if the the NDP and BQ will side with the liberals or the conservatives on that one.

wilson said...

''And that freaking left wing media isn't even covering this scandal''

Tabloid Taber was covering (or making it up),
which means there is a 50-50 chance she was wrong.
I didn't read any other reporter confirm there actually was a Bermuda trip.

Easy to predict the week knb,
same old same old

This week MI will again threaten an election,
Goodale will deny Libs want an election, make parliament work etc.

Jack will not back down on EI reform, don't yah know people are unemployed and maxed out on their credit cards etc.

The Bloc will decide on an issue by issue case, toss in a little 'Ontario gets everything' whine.

Cons will repeat their answers on EI, and give answers on new charges of mismanagement,
but because they don't cave or get on their knees and ask for forgiveness,
the answers will be considered non-answers, and the opps will perfect the 30 sec sound bite, for the next day.
repeat\repeat to weeks end.

Karen said...

anon...he's an illusionist too then I guess because it seems to me that he made a few speeches this week.

Maybe he snuck a bit of a holiday in there too. I'm pretty sure that's allowed.

Dan Brown? The writer for the masses? How low brow!


Karen said...

Ward of the State...I didn't realise that C-8 was up already.

Both the Bloc and the NDP were on side with the Lib's a while back, but I'm not sure where things stand now.

Karen said...

wilson, save for your qualifier in the last para, I'm sure you're close to right.

I don't know though. I gotta a feeling that something is going to happen.

Sir Francis said...

...but because [the Cons] don't cave or get on their knees and ask for forgiveness...

...or rise off their smug, complacent asses to rectify their expensive boondoggles, like a million-dollar "appointments commission" that has done nothing since its inception.

I think we can safely predict the expediting of another slew of useless, partisan CPC ten-percenters, all courtesy of the taxpayer.

Tomm said...

I think you are all right.

I am looking forward to more shoes dropping on Rubygate, or is it Nannyscam? It seems to me we need to hear from more Dhalla's. I am curious to hear what Neil's take on all this was and the health of Mrs. Dhalla. I wouldn't mind hearing Ruby clearly say that her $250/week nannies were lying. I think she could pull it off (or perhaps not).

C-8 is also interesting. There appear to be more than a few aboriginal women (Thunder Bay) who have decided to play politics with the issue. We'll see where it goes, but it should a no brainer. It's embarrassing that aboriginal women on reserves are essentially without inherent family rights and have been all these years.

Male aboriginal chiefs that speak against it, are going to look more than a little chauvinist & hypocritical. The Liberal's need to ensure it is their women MPs that lead their opposition. Otherwise they will become like those things popping up in the shooting gallery. Or if not, the media will be giving them a free ride.

Anonymous said...

Both the Bloc and the NDP were on side with the Lib's a while back, but I'm not sure where things stand now.That's an easy guess since the Liberals told both to fu...

I wonder how Liberals feel about Warren K stopping his blogging activities and now seems to be one of their main spokesthinghy...
It's the old boy's club it would seem... business as usual....

As for the empty, stupid WK saying "Wayne Gretzky, or Neil Young, or Celine Dion"...WTF? Go back to your barney....
I don't think any of them want to be in politics - and Neil Young... sure he's canadian by birth but when was the last time he's even been to Canada - really, he's sung about the US and seems quite happy there...

What happened to the Liberals trying to work with the Connies?

"If you mess with me, I will mess with you until I'm done," - and you say that Connies are bullies?

No wonder Canadian politics are a joke....

wilson said...

I thought the Lib/Dipper/Bloc were all voting against C-8?

wilson said...

'I gotta a feeling that something is going to happen.'

Let's hope so knb, there's only so much iRuby and Mulroney a person can take.

Karen said...

Here's something that might have an impact this week.

Now, what were the Conservatives saying about that super duper, fantabulous speech that Harper gave to the converted in Quebec?

Karen said...

What happened to the Liberals trying to work with the Connies? That has to be a two way street you see and the Conservatives haven't made one move, not one, to suggest that they would work with the Lib's.

Now, if it staves off the Lib's, of course they'd be willing to work with the NDP and the Bloc. Will that be called a coalition or simply correctly identified as being how parliament works?

RuralSandi said...

Anon 7:38 (probably from Harper's office) has been all over the blogosphere trying say Ignatieff was in Bermuda. Good for him if he was - he didn't take a vacation at vacation time.

Actually, I find it hard to believe considering he's been speaking across the country.
Also, he held dinners at Stornoway with some of the most respected ecomonic minds in Canada.

Considering all that, if he did take a vacation it has to be really, really short.

Karen said...

Exactly Sandi and Bermuda is close enough to go for a couple of days, if this is true.

Gayle said...

Meh. If their biggest issues are Dhalla and Bermuda, Ignatieff does not have much to worry about.

I must say I do hope that "ordinary Canadians" get to hear people like Wilson saying "Iffy" and IRuby". People who want to see better things from their politicians will be impressed by the immaturity of Harper's minions.

Karen said...

lol Gayle. There is an entire kindergarten lexicon in use at the BT's.

penlan said...

Anon @ 12:49 a.m. said:

"I wonder how Liberals feel about Warren K stopping his blogging activities..."

Wrong. He hasn't stopped blogging & has been quite busy all week posting at his site. Don't believe me? Go check out his site.