Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Conservatives - The Natural Deficit Party

Video courtesy of - BC'er in Toronto


wilson said...

Canadians are not stupid knb.

We are in deficit because of the global recession,
and a Liberal led coalition government would have had us even deeper in deficit with a SECOND stimulus package already in the works.

Infact, the opps called AGAIN for MORE spending, yesterday in QP.

Oh and that $13B the Libs keep saying was 'handed to the Cons',
was a direct result of the illegal taxation, accumulation of the EI fund, $54 Billion used by the Liberals in 2002-2005 to FAKE surpluses.
The GG called them on it for 6 years staright, and they ignored her.
And it is a Quebec union that took Lib government to court, that brought this fact to light.

Steve V said...

"Canadians are not stupid knb."

Funny, because you're entire approach to politics is based on just that premise. Let's hope you're right, because if true, you're DOOMED.

Karen said...

wilson, wilson, wilson.

Protest all you want, Flaherty has a history and a reputation and he's living up to it.

BTW, I thought the entire Conservative campaign was predicated on Canadians not being smart enough to see through things?

Karen said...

Steve, lol!

wilson said...

Ok fine.
Libs can scream blue bloody murder over the size of the deficit that the coalition of losers demanded,
and in the next breath demand more spending on EI and a second stimulus package (thusly increasing the deficit),
and Canadians will buy both, yup.

And there are numerous quotes/video of Dion/McCallum saying the LPC would not run a deficit (during election),
3 months later both saying the coalition of losers would indeed run a 'small deficit',
and now saying $40 Billion addditional spending isn't enough, more, spend more.

BTW that would mean, under a Liberal government, the $15B surplus they 'handed to the Cons' would have been eaten, by them.

Oh, and Canadians will not connect the EI program changes to the $54B raided by Libs to fake surpluses (like that $15B one 'handed to the Cons'), especially not in Quebec, okay fine.

Karen said...

Wilson, Dion and McCallum said their plan was not to run a deficit, depending on what they inherited.

Your simplistic meme of the opposition wanting to spend more ignores that some of the other spending put forward by the Conservatives would not continue.

I'm not an MP and not privy to the numbers, so don't ask me where or what, but if it was me it would start with the government advertising budget that has ballooned under Harper.

Oh and I'm not screaming by the way. I alternate between quiet chuckling and pensive concern for the country.

Steve V said...

Keeping telling yourself whatever you want, and I'm sure you will, but you guys are WEARING this deficit. At every turn, others have seen the circumstance, except this government. Just to add, Ontarians, which represent your ONLY hope now, have seen this dance before. Coincidence? Me thinks not.

Anyways, yesterday Harper called McCallum an "esteemed economist" and referred to the Liberals as the "government".

Steve V said...

"Wilson, Dion and McCallum said their plan was not to run a deficit, depending on what they inherited."

And, as I recall Dion was the only one to mention the POSSIBILITY, which was seized on by these liars and he then backtracted. These liars, and their disingenious supporters are so quick to distort and dumb down the debate, they just can't be real with Canadians and pounce on any one who dares confront reality (see Ignatieff's tax comment, which if you ask any REAL economist, they will say it should be in the mix, that's responsible). Anyways, good luck trying to tell us we aren't in structural deficit now...

RuralSandi said...

Methinks Wilson is getting in a dither here.

You know, if Harper (as set out in Flanigans book) wasn't so hell bent on spending money with his petty need get back at the Liberals - he'd have some cushion to work with.

I think (thinking back to the comment calling McGuinty the small man of Confederation) we now have the Big Spender of Confederation.

And, Wilson, if and when any money flows, perhaps spending where needed instead of Cons ridings to buy votes would be a good idea.

LOL - Wilson is frantically thumbing through her negativity notes, shaking, upset.

Anonymous said...

How's that fund raising going?


Karen said...

Fundraising is going great, thanks to Steve and Jim!

Anonymous said...

You think so? I'll check back in July after the parties have all filed their financial returns with Elections Canada.

Liberal fund raising is a joke.

Karen said...

And you are basing that on...?

That's what I figured.

Wander over to the BT's anon. They will be happy to support your empty words.

sjw said...

"Canadians are not stupid knb."

That's right, Wilson, for the most part they are not. It's why asinine statements like "coalition of losers" that appeal to no one but your core base is actually viewed as a rather "stupid" thing to say by most Canadians. But by all means keep it up with the bully-boy tactics. It's working so well for you after all.