Friday, May 22, 2009


More than a h/t, a thank you to Aaron Wherry for this video.

I know some of you will watch this and find fault. The point is though, Ignatieff is not what the Conservatives are trying to portray him as and he knows exactly who Harper is and what he is not doing for this country.

More on the absurdity of Harper and his record tomorrow.


Cari said...

Michael seems comfortable, and a Natural...not at all like Harper... This is a very nice video taken before last election ....although I do not think the Tories would enjoy it.

Tomm said...


I'm a Harper supporter and I enjoyed it.

One of Ignatieff's potential problems, is his tendency to be all over the place. He espouses many different different positions. But he is clearly not the left wing "government is the answer" nutbbar that Dion or Rae appeared to be. I don't mind him and he may make a decent PM.

Anonymous said...

Tomm, just because you are a Harper supporter doesn't make you right. He is a total control freak and you are his puppet and he quietly laughs at his gullible flock. I think you work for him and are a$$ kissing to keep your job. Advice, he's not worth it. Wake up and smell the coffee already.


Tomm said...


I have been waiting 30 years for somebody to:

-say government isn't the answer
-bring back pride to the Canadian military
-quit waffling on about support for mideast terrorists
-stop centrally planned social engineering
-decrease Canadian taxes

Then Harper came along. He may not be here long, but his leadership will have repercussions for many years.

I'm real disappointed that so many people decided in 2004 to hate him (the Toronto kitten eater campaign comes to mind). I am also disappointed that the parties of the left have continued to drive this wedge into the nation.

But at least we had ourselves a "Prague Spring" for at least 3 years.

Karen said...

I have been waiting 30 years for somebody to:Right, because 30 years ago we were all so consumed with terrorism. The military comment is an old canard, (check out spending under Mulroney) and the social engineering is likewise a ridiculous charge.

Tax decreases? The Liberals had the largest decrease, not to mention the most meaningful. Harper's played at the margins, promoted gimmicks (GST), and boasts an economic record that it sheer fantasy.

Government isn't the answer in all cases and the Liberal party doesn't believe that either, but it certainly is necessary in others. If you're looking for a purely Libertarian world/country, I suggest looking elsewhere.

Your entitled to your dreams of course.

I can see why you would have supported Harper early on, but boy, you must be disappointed with him now.

Tomm said...


I am, kind of.