Saturday, June 09, 2007

Flaherty's Fairy Tale

We've become accustomed to being misled by this government, particularly when watching them answer questions during Question Period.
We also see them dancing around the facts when being interviewed.
To be fair, this behaviour is not exclusive to just the current government. Many politicians employ this tactic.
When I read this article though, I was taken aback by the unmitigated gall of Jim Flaherty. This bit in particular struck me:
" I often wonder how an urban myth comes to be treated as fact. I suppose if people repeat it or read it often enough, they assume it must be true. "
Huh? This is coming from a Minister of a government, that relies on that method of messaging almost exclusively. He's apparently perplexed as to how this happens, as he proceeds to do just that. Unbelievable.
He goes on to say, "Let me be clear, Canada’s New Government is honouring the Atlantic accords fully in its budget. " Word games. Harper had promised 100% deductability of non-renewable natural resource revenues. The budget caps it. He can play word games all he likes, the bottom line is they are not living up to what they said they would.
The details are not the point though. Citing your own preferred method of messaging, as being the cause of what is preventing you from getting your own lie out, while employing it, well, it boggles the mind.
I have little or no time for Flaherty, but I'll give him this. In the arrogance department, the man has few equals.


Anonymous said...

I read the article. I also read the column refuting his claims and all the letters to the editor praising Bill Casey.

I can only hope that in time, more Canadians will see that this Govt. is lying (on many, many things).

Karen said...

anon, what column are you referring to, that refutes his claims? Could you provide a link?

Anonymous said...

"Their second mistake was the changes to the Atlantic accord in the budget. The details are tiresome and complex, but everybody familiar with the deal who does not work for the federal Tories — including John Crosbie — will tell you that the budget broke the accord.

So Mr. MacKay and Mr. Harper first did a job on Mr. Casey, then on Mr. Casey’s province, giving him the motive and means to stand up for Nova Scotia, making himself a hero and making Mr. MacKay look like a traitor.

When he stood to vote, he exploded the paper-thin federal spin, which claims the budget respects the accord. It could not withstand close scrutiny, but Mr. Harper, Mr. MacKay and Mr. Flaherty had been hoping that the terrible complexity of the budget would provide cover.

Mr. Casey made the story very simple. This trusted old Progressive Conservative from Amherst says Mr. Harper broke our contract. This, people can understand.

Already, though, Mr. Casey has said he thinks we should stick with the deal we have. Why, he asks, should we trust this crowd if they won’t honour the contract we have?"

Think about it--if Flaherty is telling the truth, there is no reason for objecting to the new formula. Why is Danny Williams causing the ruckus and why did Bill Casey willingly get kicked out of caucus for following his beliefs and voting against the budget? Answer--the Conservatives lied. Period. They lied.

Karen said...

Indeed they did anon. That they now think they can "make a deal" with NS, without admitting that they screwed up, is amazing.

Red Canuck said...

knb - Nice to see you blogging again! :)

It's not the lying that surprises me. All politicians do it, and the Harperites are just particularly adept at it. Just look south of the border at how many Americans still belive Saddam had something to do with 9/11, just because the administration kept linking the 2 in their pre-war speeches.

But it's the shamelessness of their behaviour that really astounds me. It takes some kind of balls for Flaherty to 'marvel' at the very methods he uses. But as I've said before, a sense of irony doesn't seem to be a strongsuit for many conservatives.

Karen said...

Thanks RC! Encouragement goes a long way, :).

But it's the shamelessness of their behaviour that really astounds me.

That's the thing. That is what made my mouth gape as I read his words.

My next post show's that he was digging himself into a deeper hole with his lies.

They obviously thought/think, that we, all Canadians are stupid. Alas, their math equated 30% to Flaherty...bad at math.

No shame, you are correct, but my sense is they are going to feel some, then I hope it will be bye-bye Harper for good.