Monday, February 04, 2008

Change Your Mind, But Don't Lie

Honest to goodness, to listen to this government is to defy gravity.

For the longest time, news of the next budget came out and it included the retraining fund. In a big turn around today, they divorced themselves from that view.

Why? Well it was viewed as a hostage taking and all parties saw it for what it was. The Lib's and other opposition party's pointed this out and railed against the government. Obviously they also heard from their constituents. So today, they changed their mind.

It's more than that though and it's as partisan as ever. They must be sure that they have funding in place before they go to the polls and in a big way this is kissing Quebec again. They don't french kiss though. No, that would be too much of a commitment. They'd prefer to buss and flirt.

In the end, they have been caught out. They know an election may come soon and they couldn't fight it on that issue.

Any reporter who reports this as proof of a more gentle Harper, is more deluded than the BT's.

Today in the House, during QP, the Con's said that they have been pushing for this for a long time. They were apparently pleased that the opposition agreed with them. That is a LIE.

Please media, report what is. I cannot believe that you are content with reporting what this government is feeding you.

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burlivespipe said...

Internal polls, the ones we are paying for, must have shown some pretty big backlash from the Chalk River-midnight firing/all-greek-to-me/gag the scientists mental cramps dropped by Harper.
On cue, the CONs try to change the channel -- oh look, a monkey!
But all things considered, its good news that this is put to the house now, and in fact the opposition should make some hay on having pressed for this instead of the communities being held hostage by this mandate-hungry CONflagratives.