Sunday, February 24, 2008

Keep Lying but Canadians Don't Seem to Be Buying

I suppose we will see more of the ridiculous advertising that Prentice trotted out last week. In fact I heard one journalist say that Harper and his gang has dozens of these kinds of ad's just waiting to be rolled out.

Though we know that the ad is one big lie, the question is do they work? To an extent yes. Most of those in the know always say that we hate them, but unfortunately they are successful. I'm not so sure that is an absolute and would say that it depends on the ad. If it's negative but true, it's effect would be stronger than if it's a lie and is shown to be untrue.

For that reason, I think it's good that McGuinty is going after Prentice and taking apart the ad, line by line. McGuinty can be melodramatic, but at least he's telling the truth. If there are more ads to come, they should be dissected in the same way and the Con's should be shown for the liars they are.

That said, there is some good news here. Based on the most recent Nanos Poll, it doesn't look like Canadians are buying the lies.


Dame said...

Prentice /the apprentice/Looks like the deer in headlight... if this guy can any one convince of anything then Canada doesn't exist...


Karen said...

You know marta, that is the oddest thing about this guy. Normally he's pretty credible. I don't agree with his politics, but he's normally not one to do this kind of thing. It's clear to me that he was ordered to and I think now his credibility is damaged.

He echoed the same nonsense in the House again today and looked like an idiot.

Futhermore, the dimwit Vic Toew's stood and said that when the Con's ame to government the cupboard was bare.

How stupid do they think Canadians are? It's gone beyond ridiculous.

Dame said...

Yes I Know the general public tends to absorb very little details and may be mislead by the incessant demagoguery and misinformation or outright lies of the con's . So there has to be well placed Counterattacks in all kinds of format and ads too. I feel the Liberals are just not forceful enough now.
knb you are very good about doing this kinds of voicing the facts and exposing the lies... but this has to be a very BIG FIGHT and on every "Billboard ...

regarding the "spoonfed " Prentice... It is always the same way... all the Harper's men are spoonfed ... and this will be the reason they will fall.
I Told you "I see "the future... Lolol

Dame said...

suddenly the Vision of a juggler came to my mind who is trying to keep a dozen plates spinning in the air … he is doing it …yeah But Not Forever..
A good cartoonist should make a drawing of this vision Harper the Great Juggler spinning many plates all by himself….