Monday, February 04, 2008

I've Got Mail

As the mail came through my door today, it sounded like a couple of flyers and I automatically thought, more junk mail to recycle.

Sure enough, that's exactly what it was and on top was yet another tacky piece of propoganda by the sent out by Government Caucus Services.

To begin with, the Conservative Caucus apparently broke the rules by sending this out.

According to the Canada Post Corporation Act, mail sent to or from members of the House of Commons is not subject to postal fees, an arrangement often referred to as the "franking privilege." However, the Conservative Resource Group's mailing did not have the name of a sponsoring MP as part of its return address.

Odd that only the Conservatives seem unaware of the rules, but there you go.

Separate and apart from yet another example of ineptness, is the appearance and content of the flyer. It's an 8 x 10 piece of paper that looks like a black and white photo copy, but it's been printed. On the front it says Choose One across the top with those cute (groan), little circles that the PM uses during photo op's with GST amounts noted in them. On the left side it says 5% on the right it says 7% . When you turn it over there a smiling pic of the PM on the left, stating that he lowered the GST to 5%. On the right, their favourite pic of Stephane Dion is saying that he is threatening to raise it back up to 7%. Down the middle is a dotted line with scissors depicted and at the bottom a box to check indicating which level of GST you support.

It's tacky, it's childish and beyond all of that, it's a lie. In spite of Dion recently saying very clearly that he does NOT intend to raise the GST it seems that truth is compeletely irrelevant to this government. It is now quite acceptable for the government to lie in the House, lie to the press and now through advertising lie to all Canadians. Don't we have laws about false advertising?

Aside from the true devotees of whom I spoke yesterday I doubt many will reply, though I'm tempted to send it back with my views on government lying to us. My reply would of course be ignored though, so what's the point?

btw - Is anyone else having trouble with spell check. Mine doesn't work at all, so apologies for errors.


Anonymous said...

got the same thing
cut it in half
wrote the same expletive in both
taped them up - as per instructions
and mailed them off
sure I wasted yet more tax dollars to pay for the return mail
but telling then to go f*** themselves was fun
I recommend everyone do it - maybe they will get the message.

Karen said...

Hmmm...well done anon.

I presume they flooded Lib friendly areas. Perhaps we should all take your advice.

Anonymous said...

Hello knb

My name is Geoff Nixon and I am a reporter at The Ottawa Citizen.

I am working on a follow-up to this story today.

If you could e-mail me at, I would be very interested in talking with you.