Friday, February 08, 2008

I'm Fed Up with How Juvenile We Are Here in Canada

There is much to write about as it relates to what is going on in our country, but to be honest with you I'm fed up with what I'm seeing. The juvenile, partisan junk thrown at us today by Van Loan was just too much to take, as was the lapping up of the of the pap by the media. So, I'll save my tirade for the weekend when I'm hopefully a little less angry.

Instead, I'll supply this for your viewing pleasure. I don't necessarily support Obama but I want some, just a smidge, of the hope he speaks of, here in Canada. That hope would be a return to a sane, balanced government that provides for people. I want that to seep over the border and I want the Liberals to seize on it.

The intent of that comment of course is not meant to reflect the messenger, because neither Dion nor Harper are that kind of orator. It is intended to reflect the message though and someone that can convey passion for his country. It's clear that it's not Harper.

I know the vid is not new and in as much that many say it's a good idea in politics to stay away from pop stars, whatever genre, at this moment in time I disagree. Don't be who you aren't, but invite those through your message who may speak your message to reiterate it in a context that will be heard to youth. 'Calling all artists'.

Anyway, enjoy.


Omar said...

As much as it pains me to listen to him, I prefer to have Peter Van Loan right where he is as spokesperson for this inept government.
Keep up the good work, Pete!

Karen said...

Omar, as the saying goes, you're not wrong.

MacKay joined the fray today, (in my next post), so I would agree. I'd encourage Harper to let loose those who he has entrusted with his message and watch them foam.

Hmm, you have Trudeau as your icon. He was not what Obama is, but don't you crave some of that? I can't at the moment see anyone. Even his famous progeny.

James Carville in Toronto, last night?, said there is an important difference between inspiration and perspiration, Clinton being the latter. I agree with that, but it would be nice to have that fight here or at least a bit of it don't you think?

Omar said...

Trudeau came to power when I started school in 1968 and he was still in power when I graduated in 1981. The first three years of my working life were spent in the shadow of the Trudeau regime and by 1984 (my first vote) I was so ready for change I could taste it. I believe my opinion of Trudeau at the time was the result of a relentless mass media smear campaign that went on for years. An insidious maligning that filled Canadians with a hatred of a man few could explain if asked. Following two consecutive votes for Brian Mulroney and a flirtation with the NDP following Chretien's 1993 follow through on his election promise to kill the EH-101 helicopter contract (in Maritime Canada, SAR is a pretty goddamn important social program), I began to realize that the Canada I had come to love and embrace was one that had the policy direction of Pierre Trudeau at its core. The Liberals' same-sex marriage legislation that passed in 2005 was for me the proudest I've felt for my country in my entire life and brought me to the realization that the Liberal Party of Canada was where I belonged, for better or worse.

Dame said...

Hm... I am not impressed THAT much with The Preaching of Obama .. Clinton CAN EXPLAIN her plans ..I didn't get the same feeling from Obama .I am afraid .he can Fumble" the ball'" badly when it Comes to real work of Governing. he is promising too much too fast and disregard the field he has to deliver..
The whole "system" of choosing leader of the party is chaotic and leaves a lot of room For bad manipulations.. McCain emerging as the republican's best is plain absurd and shows they they simply don't have good candidates to start with..

The only Good going was when Andersen Cooper ran the U tube based questionnaire... what we must also do here..
What we had here the ONE ONLY debate with a few questions asked by a prominent broadcaster is a fake debate ... THAT must be changed >>> More debates and more question From real people.!!!!

that is how I see it..