Friday, February 29, 2008

Changing the Story

I think perhaps the Con's have begun to realise that their story just wasn't holding up, so now they are trying a new spin.

With tapes of Harper out there for all to hear, the Conservatives are now saying that they have been doctored. They've had their copy analysed. (Do they keep tape analysts on staff? That would have been handy around the Grewal affair don't you think?) Anyway, that's the direction they are going in now. By Fife's description, it sounds as if the author may have tried to clean the tape up because of ambient noise, but who knows.

The thing is, if you've watched the author of the book interviewed, he doesn't strike me as someone with an axe to grind. To be honest, he seems more focused on getting Cadman's story out there than anything else as he keeps referring to the fact that this story is only 2 pages of the whole book. Well, I guess it's just one more thing that we'll have to wait for.

Meanwhile, more family members are confirming Cadman's story. This time it's his son-in-law.

Another member of Chuck Cadman’s family is confirming the story in a soon-to-be-published book that the Conservatives offered the Surrey MP a million dollar life insurance policy just before a key budget vote in 2005.
"Well it's not really what I think, it's pretty much what I know. I could speculate about a whole bunch of things but I’m not going to do that but I can tell you that according to Chuck when he did get back from Ottawa he did specifically tell me this offer was made."

Also, there is another interview with Cadman where he talks about offers and when you consider the frenzy around his vote at the time, I suspect every media outlet is buried deep in their archives.

Something tells me this story is going to take a number of twists and turns.

More from Chuck Cadman's daughter.


Anonymous said...

The Canadian press is confirming (what we in the reality based community already knew) that a one million dollar insurance policy in the circumstances would have been impossible.

To recap:

Cadman says no deal was made.

Harper says no deal was made.

The allegation was a deal which was impossible to carry out.

We know no deal was consummated because Cadman voted against the government.

And this context: A deal WAS made at the very same time with Belinda Stronach, (by the Liberals) in which she was awarded a cabinet position with more money and presitge, in exchange for switching sides.

An illogical, impossible allegation, that was never carried out,


a deal that was certainly carried out, with the effect that the government maintained its position of power amidst the worst corruption scandal in Canadian history.

Another brilliant move by Harper allowing this to come to the fore. Once again, he plays chess while Dion stumbles about playing checkers.

Jay said...

wow, the sheer desperation in that comment.

Anonymous said...



Explain that one away.

Cadman admits to a financial inducement.


Dame said...

Clear Cut case of bribes offered and not accepted /by Cadman .. /

Every one is telling it slightly different But the plain fact is proven .

This is the true nature of harper's "brilliant" and "normal" way of doing politic ..
Again my deep gut feelings are proven .
He makes me sick.

Dame said...

Just curious . what kind of Life insurance Comes with being Member Of parlament??

Oxford County Liberals said...

I see John has paid you a visit too. He's left the same message at my site and at Far and Wide.. and no doubt any other Liberal or Progressive site that is writing about the Cadman controversy... pretty desperate sock-puppet if you ask me.

Karen said...

Gee, thanks for clearing that up John.

You and the CP reporter are about 2 days and a million dollars short of where this story has gone, but hey, so long as you feel better now.

Good grief.

Karen said...

Jay, astonishing isn't it?

Karen said...

marta, I don't know the details of their policies but I heard they drop to half the coverage once out of office.

Karen said...

scott. Don't tell me a right wing commenter is cutting and pasting a heart-felt belief!

It's really remarkable to me that in spite of all the evidence and all the values that the right supposedly support, they still support Harper. Time after time, he's forgiven.

It's rather sick.

Karen said...

Anon, selective reading and hearing is about all the right is capable of at the moment.

Karen said...

btw, did anyone else catch Duffy asking Cadman's daughter if maybe her father was fuzzy due to pain medication?

It doesn't get much lower than that. CTV has seriously crossed the line.

burlivespipe said...

should we be concerned that elliot, the new head of the rcmp, will be deciding where to go with the complaint? Looks like Harper was awaiting such an event before plugging his puppets into place.

Karen said...

The thought did cross my mind burl, but with all that has gone on with the RCMP, I'm gong to trust that inspectors will look at this closely and if there is any wrong doing that someone will step forward.

Did they put new whistle blowing safeguards in recently?

RuralSandi said...

This (pick on Stronach) theory is dumb. What did Harper offer Khan?

Duffy is becoming such a sleaze.

John, give your head a shake - do you really think Finlay, Flanigan, and Lunn are going to admit to bribery? C'mon.

No deal was made is more like Cadman didn't accept the deal.

The interveiw they keep using on Cadman was cherry picked - if you see the whole thing he was referring to Paul Martin when asked if he was offered a deal.

Insurance - how about something via the NCC or the party itself putting up the money.

Gayle said...

knb - I would not be surprised if the RCMP investigates and no charges are laid. This would be very hard to prove without Cadman, and even if the statements he made to his wife and daughter are admissible, they are apparently contradicted by the statements made to the media. (I do not really think they are contradicted, but if I were Harper's defence lawyer I would be arguing they are).

I just do not think charges will stick because they must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

RuralSandi said...

Would be interesting to see who'd be willing to take a lie detector test wouldn't it?

Karen said...

Sandi, do you know where to find the whole interview? I've yet to hear it all.

Karen said...

gayle, based on what we know today I think you make a good point, however I'm not convinced that more information is out there.

What I don't know, but if indeed the meeting Cadman was referring to was the one on the 17th, not the 19th, it may bring out more information.

New players may come into play as mushroom said earlier, Reynolds for instance. Not that he'd confess of course, but the more people that are involved the sloppier things are usually.

I may be wrong, but I just think there is more here.

Sandi, I suspect none of them. Though there were numerous meetings so perhaps some of them were innocent enough and those people may be brought forward.

Steve V said...

If it wasn't for people like John, we wouldn't have a practical reference for stupid, nor would the bell curve work.

wilson said...

Stranger than fiction, CBC (BC) is reporting:

'....Dona Cadman's campaign manager, Bill Zemianski, claims there's no problem sticking with the Conservative Party.

"The prime minister supports her 100 per cent and she supports the prime minister 100 per cent," Zemianski told CBC News Friday.

"We have, like any family, a few disagreements, but this will not in any way impact on her running as a Conservative candidate," he said.....'

Makes yah wonder what is coming...!!

Steve V said...

"Makes yah wonder what is coming...!!"

I really hope she stays with the Cons, the spectacle of Harper campaigning with Dona is just too delicious for words, and it ensures campaign coverage of the unseemly.

Gayle said...

Harper can hardly dismiss her as a candidate after all this.

Her remaining a candidate ensures public attention on this issue. It also probably ensures she will win the seat.