Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Holding Up the Crime Bill in the Senate

Stockwell Day was on Duffy tonight, expanding his lies once more, (4th vid). Richardson attempts to challenge him but doesn't go to the facts.
I'm not going to back in history to set it straight, I've done that in previous posts. I did watch some of the hearings today though and it's clear that this Bill, has many flaws. Witness after witness pointed them out. Then the government witness appeared. This would be a professor Gary Mauser. I urge you to google this guy. His stance is clear. He's not anti-gun and bends numbers for a living.
Day in his interview speaks to the Bill giving police the ability to prevent adult predators, going after children. Their assumption is that longer terms will prevent the crime in the first place. The logic is so failed, indeed illogical, because all it really does is provide the judiciary to react more harshly after the fact. Pedophiles do not consider consider what the ramifications of their actions might be, they consider the risk of being caught.
The Con's will tell you that this Bill is all about prevention, but it's patterned after the US model which is focused on incarceration and their crime rate is increasing. Our's at the moment is stable. Yes there is more youth crime, but shouldn't that be a clue where we should be focused? Prevention. These kids do not read the criminal code. They aren't deterred by sentencing. They are all about not getting caught and more police presense has a role there. The Con's promised more but they have not delivered. Day say's that they have put programs in place. I'm not aware of them. If you are, tell me.
What really ticked me off was Mauser's claim that a gun ban in the UK had not decreased gun crime. According to UK stat's, that was a lie. Why does everyone on the right lie?
Must they to defend their positions? I say yes. As I said in a reply to my last post, imperical evidence means nothing to to the Con's. They are about ideology, not facts. Their ideology is so narrow it fails to address issues, it only looks to what they hope they can shape into popular reaction. They are masters at presenting what is false to be the truth of the nation.
I know there was a poll tonight that suggested the country is going in the right direction. I'll say this. It's going in a Right direction and those who were asked the question either haven't been paying attention, or the question was too broad and likely had a preamble that would sway the answer.
Will the Bill pass in the Senate? Likely, but there may be ammendments. How will Stockie react to that? Who knows. He's an ideologue with bizarre views. Facts mean nothing to him.
Is the Senate holding up the crime Bill? No. Will they? No. Fact's get in the way though and Day is fighting them. Imagine that.


Gayle said...

There was a criminologist quoted in the Edmonton Journal earlier this week who pointed out that we already spend 15 billion dollars on investigating, prosecuting and incarcerating (reacting to) crime. We spend about 100 million trying to prevent it.

Apparently, research shows increasing prevention expenses by 10% leads to a huge reduction in crime (I cannot remember the actual number).

Last summer I participated in a crime prevention panel funded by the feds. There were teachers, medical professionals and cops there. They all said this government's ideology is not condusive to crime prevention. I am told this government is "research phobic" - probably because most of the research does not support them.

Omar said...

From an inherently corrupt regime to a colossally inept and dishonest one. Huzza Canada!