Saturday, February 16, 2008

Comic Relief has Already Been Booked for the Next Election

This is Brian Jean. He is the Con MP for Athabasca and the Parliamentary Secretary for the Minister of Transportation, Infrastructure and Communities. He was on CBC Radio's, The House today reacting to Stephane Dion's infrastructure announcement. It was hilarious, ridiculous and really something to look forward to during the next election. I was laughing so hard at the ludicrous answers that I had trouble hearing the interview. Thankfully the CBC audio archive their shows, so I was able to go back and listen again.

The interview went something like this:

Kathleen Petty asked Jean about his reaction to the Dion plan. He opened with talk is cheap...they had 13 yrs. to address the issue... and the Con's inherited $130 billion deficit in this country. Note, he didn't say infrastructure deficit. No, he said deficit. Mistake or Frank Luntz media training? Oh and for the record the Federation of Canadian Municipalities put the number at $123 billion, but what's $7 billion among friends?

He then went on to say that fortunately the Con's were elected and they are implementing plans to deal with the situation. Here again, look at the language. They are implementing plans, not creating them. That is because almost all of them were initiated and implemented by the Liberals. When confronted with that inconvenient truth, Jean again says that the Lib's had 13 years and did nothing, ignoring the obvious fact that the Lib's did implement. All the Con's are doing is not slashing these particular programs and taking credit for them. Laughing yet? No? That's okay, that's just the chuckle material. It gets better.

He ended that thought with this, let's face it, Mr. Dion's position would place Canada in a deficit position. Good grief! Jean almost owed me a new lap top. Drinking coffee and listening to this guy in front of a computer is not recommended.

I'm an artist and we're not traditionally known for our acumen of all things financial, but even I know if we are speaking about the allocation of a surplus, we are not in a deficit position. Petty rightly called him on it. To which he replied, the reality is they do not manage properly. Huh? I don't where this guy has been living for the past decade, but apparently he had an awful lot of blue Kool-Aid.

He went on. Liberal management plans are not good and uh, they would run us into deficit. You know, I understand that the Con's in Canada today are trying to ride on the back of the conservative wave that occurred in the US, but they have missed their moment in time. Anachronists is who they are. They are using trite expressions that worked to get Bush in and they expect Canadians to buy trite phrases such as Liberals are big spenders and Con's are the Party that keep spending in check. Our current goventent is the spendiest in all time

What's the deficit in the States now? 400 Billion? Where was it when Clinton left office? What did the Lib's inherit from Mulroney? A $42 Billion deficit. Who has managed money in this country in recent history? Are you kidding me? Con's really believe this crap?

It gets worse, he references Trudeau, so the new narrative apparently goes way back in time. Brian Jean say's that the Con's came into power with Trudeau's legacy and sure fixing that doesn't happen in one or two years. Huh? again. He apparently missed the additional debt that Mulroney piled on this nation.

The nail in his coffin though was this. Petty again said what Dion is proposing is dealing with surplus, so deficit is not an issue. Jean again spoke to Liberal plans and tax cut's by the Con's. When she interjected and asked how does that deal with infrastructure? Jean said something like this.

Well, it creates an environment of tax, system to operate, pay into the fiscal government plan so we have money to operate and we can survive on an International basis. Head's up Jean. Cutting taxes does NOT give you more money. Is this man for real? This is who we have as a parliamentary secretary to the Minister? Does he or do they have any idea what they are doing? Tax cuts will give the government more money. What an idiot.

So, if an election is called we have idiots to deal with.

Not all Lib's are to be touted, but really, you put this guy on national news? I say take the bit out of their mouths and you'll really see how stupid this Party, the Conservative Party is.

The real question is how smart are Canadians?

If you doubt what I say, here is the link to the interview. Click on listen. It runs to about 9 minutes.

Bring in the clowns.


Anonymous said...

Our debt is closer to 400 billion than the U.S,. I think their debt is 4 zillion

A Eliz. said...

I would think the U.S deficit is something like our debt. How could Dion go in a deficit, wwhen the money will come out of anything over 3 billion of the surplus.

Anonymous said...

The tiny % of people listening to CBC radio on Saturday morning (or reading this blog) are not pre-disposed to vote for Harper in any case.
So I guess they took the duct tape off this wanker's mouth to see what might happen. OOOpps not quite ready for prime time - muzzle him - wind up Baird and send him in next time (he can memorize a script!)
Canwest, the Sun group, CTV and yes even CBC-TV-News (under the smug Mansbridge) will deliver us another Tory gov't unless they goof up so badly that even the collective spin of our "left-wing-biased-media" will not save them.

Anonymous said...

So Dion's "Here I come to save the day" routine is based on excess surplus over 3 Billion. OK, that's cool. But where would such a surplus come from? The Ontario auto sector? No, they're in the tank and getting worse... The lumber industry? Yeah, right. Oh, I know. Those oh so nasty Alberta oil operations. You know, those ones that Ontarians say make "dirty, dirty oil", which I guess they all burn in their "dirty dirty SUVs"...

Has Dion now seen the light of where his bread is actually buttered? A far cry from when his bagman Mark Holland toured Alberta spouting off about how he would shut down the oil sands and do it his way. I guess money talks and Dion is listening.

Karen said...

lizt., it's a completely illogical argument that apparently was over Jean's head. Gawd, these guys are in charge of the country.

Karen said...

Anon @ 7:33, indeed.

It was Jim Prentice who they wound up and put on CTV today.

Next time you make a good point though, no digs at my readership okay, ;).

Karen said...

anon @12:18, nice try but a ridiculous argument.