Friday, August 24, 2007

Another Day, Another Fabrication

What is Stockwell Day's response to the admission of the Quebec undercover police? To create a story out of whole cloth of course. He's become quite proficient at this, in fact I'd say it's one of the things he does best.

I'm not quite sure what video he watched, but it sure doesn't equate to what I saw.

Day says video he's seen of the incident at the Montebello, Que., meeting shows the undercover officers were exposed because they were not committing violence.

They were violent toward the protesters and in a cowardly fashion asked to be taken out of the situation, because they had been exposed. Then of course, the force went on to deny the story. Shouldn't that be looked into?

Aside from his inability to see the facts, his response is completely unacceptable. He is the Minister of Public Safety. The Public in his title, means all Canadians, even protesters for whom he shows such disdain. The police obviously crossed the line here, shoving peaceful protesters, etc. To try and shrug this off and worse yet, continuing to treat the protesters as if they are making something out of nothing, is ridiculous. I can't say I'm sorry about it though, because I think it will come back to bite him.

Here's the thing about Canadians. We believe in our right to protest. We believe in our right to keep our government to account and to make serious issues/ decisions, such as those discussed at the SPP, transparent.

What the police did was wrong. Can you have undercover police at a protest? Sure, especially if there is information that there could be trouble. Do you dress them as thugs? Do you cover their faces with bandannas? Do you arm them with rocks? It's beyond ridiculous to think that they were there to collect intelligence. They were there to incite, plain and simple. If not, why weren't they dressed as a non-threatening protester?

Anyway, stories are short lived on blogs, but I raised this again, because I don't think it's going to go away, nor do I think it should. This story highlights the sensitive balance between security and rights, a balance that is completely out of whack imo, especially in the US. I for one want to ensure we don't go there, but I'm quite convinced we have.

The group of protesters involved will keep it alive, because it smacks of what we decry in undemocratic countries. If that label attaches itself to this government, so be it. Day is simply assisting that process.


Scotian said...


Agreed. This was a particularly stupid statement for Day to come out with, especially given the widespread viewing of the video on both You Tube AND mainstream TV news including CBC main channel and Newsworld. Basically do Canadians believe Day or our lying eyes? That is what Day is doing here, and by making such a stupid comment he is actually making it appear more likely not less that there was some sort of political involvement in this operation, hardly what the government needs.

Anonymous said...

KNB keep trying for
scandals here in Quebec
all major media all ready went on to other news.

There was nothing illegal here it has happened before like i said on a earlier post. Its happened under Jean Chrétien Liberals and
under Paul Martins Liberals it has always
happened ever since I've been following politics that I remember. If you don't think so then your really are a denier.

knb said...

Exactly Scotian. They are securing their own fate.

John, it's got nothing to do with Quebec. The world, is not against Quebec. I'm from there remember.

It's all about the depth, the concern, of government.

Have we had covert police before? Of course. The problem is the government you support is cool with covering up. Trust me John, you'll see more news in Quebec and the cover up will play against the government.

Steve V said...


I think Day has made a serious error, going on record with this deliberate mislead. Day is clearly lying, or at the very least he needs to clarify with some actual proof. I really wish parliament was in session now, because this has all the ingredients to be another detainee fiasco, as the Cons scramble for consistency.

Anonymous said...

People i just have to chuckle when i go on these left wing blogs. The conspiracy the paranoia that goes on is just mind boggling to me. You people make things sound like this big bad monster of a government is out to get you people chuckle lol !!!

Keep the light on tonight when you
people go to bed the government may be hiding under your beds chuckle lol.

Just relax and breath
in and out it'll pass.;)

Steve V said...

"People i just have to chuckle when i go on these left wing blogs."

That's good, because we laugh hysterically everytime you comment. I like you personally, it makes me feel informed, relatively speaking. If it weren't for people like yourself, dumb might just be a theory.

Red Tory said...

It's the standard line — the same one being trotted out by the SQ. Never mind that it flagrantly contradicts reality.

Anonymous said...

Surely God had in mind the movie, "the Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!", when he had Steve appoint Doris as head of Security in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Anon (8:40 AM) Thats
really funny good one.;)

Anonymous said...

Johnny is just trying to pull your strings - but doing a poor job of it I must say.

Now - the RCMP is in charge of security and probably the Quebec police are taking orders from above - not rocket science.

Americans of all stripes are absolutely angry over the SPP secrecy and mad as hell about the joking by the leaders (Harper).

The media have uncovered a "manual" of the White House (re: how to handle protestors wherever Bush goes) - we all know how Harper loves manuals (i.e. manual on how to disrupt committee meetings). I wonder if Harper and the RCMP, Day, Elliot, et al have taken their orders from the White House?

Johnny - just keep sleeping and missing what's really going on.

knb said...

I don't think it will go away Steve, the protesters themselves are not going to let it go.

RT, indeed. Furthermore, this has become standard practice for the party, they simply state what is the opposite of fact and hope it sticks.

Anon, I referred to that manual a few posts down. Indeed, it looks like the PMO copied it's tactics verbatim.

Anonymous said...

i get a little pissed off when you call 'day' doris as she is one of the great ole gals pure in heart and body and had one hell of a voice and did not look too bad either..'day always makes me think he is pulling up his underwear with his shoulder when he winces...I believe 'Johnny' may be 'he' ....gramps

Anonymous said...

Anon (11:34 AM)

Red Tory said...

FYI KNB, you might be interested in what your "Baron Johnnie" has been up to...

Red Tory said...

My bad, that should be "Baron Johnny."