Monday, August 27, 2007

Base Policy on Science not Ideology

In a recent speech to the Canadian Medical Association, Tony Clement claims that the con's are going to "get tough on drugs". Not a surprise really, but, I have a real problem with this approach if it simply focuses on their ideology and does not accept science or facts. As it relates to kid's, it sounds like they are going to take the failed, "just say no" approach. Knock yourself out, I say.

I'm sure too, that they will attempt to put more laws on the books, especially concerning marijuana. We are so past that discussion, it's laugh out loud funny. Tougher laws have done nothing to reduce consumption or sales. Those issues will burn themselves out pretty quickly I think and it will really highlight once again just how out of touch this group is.

My larger concern is the Conservative view of centres like Insite in Vancouver. They have chosen thus far, to listen to right wing groups and of course they do not consult anyone outside their sphere. That is not how you create policy. Seeking out research that supports your case, is ideological. The con's are famous for this, suggesting that that they seek input. BS. Just consider the issues that were discussed at the SPP conference and who they consulted.

The science that backs up the success of these programs is not to be ignored and if this government decides to do that, there will be a huge outcry. There will be yet another sector in this country that will be actively protesting this government. This program has been a success, especially if you think back to when and why they started. The object of the exercise was to get people off the street, shooting up, leaving their needles behind, only to be re-used, which spreads HIV and Hepatitis, and overdosing on the street with no one paying attention.

This is not a facility that provides drugs. No. They provide a clean environment, clean needles, clean water, (they formerly used water from puddles), to keep them and the population at large, safe.

If the con's do not support this facility, they will expose their "Leave it to Beaver" attitude. The world has changed and it's left 33% of the population behind.

As an aside, how many groups are not enamoured with this government now? The Arts Community, many farmers, environmentalists, Income Trust investors, conservatives who resent recent bloated budgets, the Aboriginal community, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, not to mention 66% of voters, and the list goes on.

Even the municipal police are behind the Insite program. Now that Insite is increasing their reach, thanks to the province of BC, if the Federal government pulls the rug out from under them, not only will there be a political price to pay, there will be a price to society and that is unconscionable .


Anonymous said...

Sorry KNB is this you talking or is it Tony Clement and I'm not talking about the links you have.

knb said...

I don't understand your comment John.

Anonymous said...

I mean are you quoting
what Tony is saying or are you just giving you opinion .

Anonymous said...

Liberals in Ontario want people to go to the Vet if they don't have a family doctor, maybe Vancouver has the right idea - keep'em stoned!

knb said...

I've expressed my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Anon (1:34 AM) I don't
necessarily agree with you but its funny anyways!;)

KNB if you don't mind if i could give my opinion when you type your articles make sure that the quote you are doing are different (the words)then your opinion.

Anonymous said...

KNB please tell me that
anon(1:34 AM)is joking
about: "Liberals in Ontario want people to go to the Vet if they don't have a family doctor.";) I'm not in Ont. so you must know

knb said...

I am still not following you really. Everything written in my post are my thoughts, no one elses. Perhaps because I attached a link to "I say", is what you are referring to. In that case, I'd agree, I misplaced the link.

The vet comment....just a rightie trying to be funny.