Thursday, August 23, 2007

Disturbing News

Reading this article, chilled me to the bone. It's not what is said per se, it's the implication.
Obviously, these individuals were getting to close to the truth and in a position to expose it. What's odd, is that we know the truth and have done nothing about it. You would think that the Sudanese government would remain unworried, as the world has turned it's back, so to speak, for so long.
I look at what is happening here, think of our soldiers and think of how much we could offer here. I do understand how complicated the situation is. I understand how sending International troops could be misconstrued and that by using African troops makes more sense, but surely there is a way to design a mission, well articulated to the masses, that could prevent the potential backlash.
Not having officials there is worrying. Eyes and ears that can keep that government constrained, however slightly, are needed.
It will be an interesting story to follow.
I've posted this before, but it's an interesting site for those of you who are interested.


Anonymous said...

KNB I agree with you that the world should do
more here. Isn't this one of the reason that we have an international body like the U.N. that the left seems to love? Now i get this funny feeling its going to be blame the U.S.(Bush) for this right?

Lets see lately the good deed the lovely U.N.
has done in the recent past:
1) Great work in Rwanda
right ?
2) Tremendous work for oil for food program
in Iraq remember ?
3) The Lebanon problem
lots of peace keeping going on there right ?
4) Gaza great work there too right ? What a great
organization this is right?

Where we have great
democracy's there right? On the humane rights where we had Lybia sitting at the table great humane rights
protector Col. Muammar al-Qaddafi that he is right? What a wonderful organization wow !!

Anonymous said...

typo human rights not
humane rights sorry;)

knb said...

Dafur is not a right/left issue...though I'm tempted to make it one.

Darfur is real. Rail against the UN all you want, though you defend it in your Afghanistan argument. Funny that. Present the facts that suit you.

That aside, this is an issue that the world has become numb to. In my world, that is wrong. Beyond wrong really. I do not understand how we can fight ghost wars and ignore the tangible ones.

Shame comes to mind.

Anonymous said...


"Darfur is real. Rail against the UN all you want, though you defend it in your Afghanistan argument. Funny that. Present the facts that suit you."

I have never said that Darfur wasn't real
i agree with you on that.I mentioned the UN on Afghanistan is because you people on the left seem to adore the UN. My point was that its not a Bush mission its a UN mission. It certainly
wasn't my intention to defend the UN far from it.The UN hasn't been doing its job what it was
supposed be doing in the first place.It did work
when the U.S.S.R. was there it may have stopped
ww3. But it seems to me
when the U.S.S.R. collapsed the UN went with it.