Sunday, August 12, 2007

It's Haunting Me

I don't understand this story. I've watched this RCMP officer from time to time, in the current investigation and I would consider him honourable. I'm baffled at the fact, that he would continue the "all is well" message. Clearly there is self interest involved, fair enough, but would it not be better served by coming clean? I understand it is important that the RCMP maintain the faith that the Canadian public puts in them, but wouldn't that be better served by being honest and owning up to mistakes?
As you reflect on the recent past, Air India flight 182, surely it is obvious that we should be asking many questions. At that time we know that the birth of CSIS, was premature and fraught with problems that impacted on the RCMP. Fast forward to Arar, it's difficult to see that much has changed. They will swear that .."it's all good". A phrase used in this RCMP's description of their relationship with the FBI.
We are being fed a line that I vehemently object to ..."Trust us."
Sorry, I'm past that. I'm tired of the political pandering, no matter what side. It matters not. We as Canadians, all Canadians, must have faith in our justice system. We rely on political statements and the media to inform us. They, in my opinion are the least trustworthy.
It's time for people to understand the issues, make a logical choice and move forward.
We are in a quagmire of nonsense in this country. No one seems to know what is really happening, they prefer to take their political slant to the issue. That is crazy.
Crazy times, seek crazy measures. Let's consider truth to be crazy in this time and go after it.

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Anonymous said...

Now you know what to expect in the future, don't you?
The RCMP, as a wise wag pointed out many years ago, can give the FBI serious lessons in human rights abuse.