Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I find it disturbing that the RCMP don't seem to have made any headway on this, given that the first incident occurred in the spring.

I want to have faith in the RCMP, but given that the motivation for these threats dates back to the Air India bombing, it seems unreasonable to me that the RCMP wouldn't have a better handle on individuals in BC, that could be connected to them.

It's ridiculous, that a group still has the power to terrorise a community the way these people do. We are all so consumed with the amorphous "war on terra", (thanks to the politics of fear) that we seem to ignore that which is tangible and a genuine threat.

As I said, I want to have faith in the RCMP, (and I have no reason to doubt that they are working on this case), but it's difficult to see what has really changed when you read something like this.


Anonymous said...

I'm losing faith daily with the RCMP - after Air India you'd think they'd be "overly" cautious.

Anonymous said...

Is it not important because he's a Liberal?

knb said...

anon, I highly doubt his politics play into this at all. Furthermore, I'm quite certain that there are Liberals in the RCMP as there are in the Armed Forces.

No, I just think that there is no easy way, given our laws, to simply round up a group of dissidents.

Where I think politics is at play, is internally, in the RCMP. I'm not convinced that they get the intelligence they require. I don't think they get the cooperation they require from the community, because they haven't developed sufficient trust.

I'm speculating of course, but there still seems to be something wrong and that is profoundly disturbing.