Friday, August 17, 2007

Bye, Bye Tom

The new candidate for Scarborough Southwest is Michelle Simson.

I don't know her, but here's her bio. Good to see yet another woman. I haven't tracked new candidates in any meaningful way, but it certainly looks like Dion is attempting to live up to his promise.

I'll refrain from being rude, but I cannot say I'll miss this guy.

He did give much of his life to public service though and that should be noted.


Anonymous said...

KNB sorry but i don't recognize the picture
(man) i think i know who
he is but I'm not sure sorry about that?

knb said...

Tom Wappell. He's very socially conservative and doesn't fit the current Liberal picture. Well, he hasn't for many years, but, I'll give him his service.

Anonymous said...

KNB thanks but i never heard of him. Sorry!!