Friday, August 10, 2007

I'm Not Sure Why This is a Story...

Apparently, this is a story. I suppose any marriage of someone in Parliament, is a story. I agree with Brison though, it will be nice when this is not news That it still is....a bit perplexing.


Anonymous said...

KNB another subject i agree with you it should not be a story. Then why did you put it on your blog?


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with John

things are only stories if people report them.

by posting this you are contributing to making it a story.

Do Liberals never learn anything..........


Anonymous said... usual - do Liberals not learn anything? What a stupid statement and how desparate to trash Liberals at every moment. Pathetic.

If another politician got married it's news - Peter Van Loan got married in July and it hit the papers (poor bride).

I wish Scott Brison a long and happy life with his partner - what more is there to say.

Anonymous said...

Well, David, one thing they did learn was to respect the diversity of Canadians by being willing to change laws to allow Brison's equal marriage. Something with which the conservatives appear to still struggle, given all their votes on the measures to allow and confirm the legislation.

Not to sound all pissy about it on a beautiful saturday morning, but if you're going to leave that open ended taunt, thought I'd take the bait.

Have a good one.

J@ckp1ne said...

I think it would be news if any high profile politician got married whether they marry someone of the same or opposite sex.

Scotian said...

It is news because he is a high profile MP and because he is the first MP to be married under the new law, other than that though there is no reason I can see, not a legitimate one anyway. Personally, I hope he and his intended have a great wedding and the clearly private ceremony they desire without being media mobbed. It is also nice that he is able to have his marriage in his home area which is in a rural region of this Province without having to worry that it will be disrupted by those that would still impose their morality upon Brison and the rest of us. For if they were to try they would find themselves vastly outnumbered by the rest of the locals that have long accepted Brison's being gay as well as getting married. I suppose this also underscores yet again that the type of political Conservativism that thrives in this Province is not the CPC type but the old PCPC type, which no doubt is one of the main reasons the CPC was unable to dethrone Brison despite their clear desire in the last election to do just that.