Saturday, August 25, 2007

Experience Versus What Exactly?

Barack Obama is often criticised for not having enough experience to be President. Watching this interview, I'd say his ability to correctly weigh the issues and possible outcomes is more valuable than the experience of many of his opponents.

Yet Fox News, in it's fair and balanced way, (gag), concentrates on the really important stuff.

Call me crazy, but this evokes memories of comments that come from the right in Canada, such as, "citoyen Dion", phoney smears about Navdeep Bains, "vendu" and so on. In our case however, it's not coming from a cheesy right wing attack group, posing as news. No in our case it is coming directly from our government.


Anonymous said...


I don't think that this is a right or left issue or intelligence of the person. In my opinion
why Barack Obama will not
be pres.of the that he is black Unfortunately !! Even if he was a right winger it wouldn't change anything.
The U.S. may have ivolved
from the slavery days,but i don't they are too the point where they would
elect a black pres. Its just too bad!! What do you think KNB?

Anonymous said...

You mean when he like when he talked about invading Pakistan as part of his platform and set of a possible return to marshall law in that country and justification to deferr democratic elections. Yeah that was versus what exactly. He's done.

knb said...

John, I think to a certain extent, it is very much a right/left issue. It is the right that still shows the greatest amount of bigotry, though I have no doubt there on some on the left too, but not in great numbers. As for the intelligence of the voter, only an idiot would not vote for someone based on race.

When Obama entered the Presidential race, I wondered how America would react. So far, he's the only one who speaks to crowds of 20,000. I think, people are finally looking past colour and looking for hope in that country. He brings that to the table.

Because the right has made his skin colour and other ridiculous points, an issue, I think that will bring out more Dem's and fair minded people to listen to him.

It's the issues in the end. That he is black or that Hillary is a woman, the people who vote in the states and pay attention to these things, don't care anymore, imo.

Will Republicans vote for Will Independants? I think maybe.

That country is desperate for change and neo-con's have lost their grip, thankfully. Fox, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, etal, look more looney with each passing day.

That's good for America and it's really good for Canada.

knb said...

anon@ 6:56...done? I think not. He pointed to the real problem, Pakistan.

Are you following what is going on there? Musharraf is in real trouble. 2 former leaders poised to come back.

Pakistan, whether you are Canadian or American, at this point in time, is not our friend.

What he said was controversial, but hardly incendiary. You have of course distorted it. He said that if Musharraf didn't co-operate, he'd consider going in.

I am against this mission as it stands now, Canadian participation in it's present form, but I think his comment is well over due. America has not thought this through.

Anonymous said...

KNB i hope your right
about a black pres. in the U.S. But i do think that we will have a woman Pres. way before a black pres. Your right people should vote for who ever is the best leader not sex or colour of the person.Even here in Canada we seem to have
the same problem has in the U.S. not to the same extend has the U.S. of course. Example just
look our parties the last
time we had a black person elected to any of the federal parties has leader? We never had a black P.M. in this country.If we did i would like to know who? I'm not
even sure if we ever had a black premier in this country. We only had
a woman P.M.and that was,because Brian Mulroney resigned before
is time was up and Kim Campbell took his place.
In a way she was PM by default she was unelected

Has you know KNB I'm
only 40 years old I just
hope i will live to see
the day where we would see a US Pres. On their leadership qualities not
colour sex religion etc..
etc...etc... I think it
will happen here in Canada before we see it in the U.S. Only exception the U.S. may see woman pres. Hilliary

Anonymous said...

KNB (7:25 PM)

Pakistan is one country that really scares and i think it should scare the world too. If we thought Iraq with Saddam having nuclear weapons now just imagine they are successful in overthrowing Musharraf
and having a Saddam type
running the country,but this time they would have
those nuclear weapons we know Pakistan!! Your thoughts KNB!!

Anonymous said...

KNB I know this has nothing to do with the subject. I'm asking for your help because i know you follow politics. Has we all know that Harper may prorogues Parliament the normal sitting for Parliament is Sept. 17.
If Harper prorogues Parliament when can Parliament sit? How much time would he have before
calling back Parliament?
Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

"Call me crazy, but this evokes memories of comments that come from the right in Canada, such as, "citoyen Dion", phoney smears about Navdeep Bains, "vendu" and so on. In our case however, it's not coming from a cheesy right wing attack group, posing as news. No in our case it is coming directly from our government."

Trying to think of the guy that coined the phrase "Doris" Day. Bet that guy had nothing to do with the gov't at the time. Or should we just forget all that and just concentrate on the now. And yes I know who he is, but I am scared about getting sued for saying it.

Think that all of this is something that is called POLITICS. Smears, whether they are right, left/liberal happen all the time.

It all depends on what side of the political spectrum you are on, and that will tell how you take the comments.

Anonymous said...

He's done. attacking Clinton will get him no where fast too. And he is far far far too inexperienced to be president.

Anonymous said...

Anon (2:24 AM)

O.K. you ask to be called crazy,here is your wish come true crazy!;)

Dame said...

I was Friendly with the idea of Obama But as the days passing he seems to be really very lightweight a poser using his photogenic look and not much else ..
My Gut feeling is he is not the ONE..
Thumb down on big naive Obama.

knb said...

John I don't think there is a specific time limit. I think Harper simply indicates to the GG and she announces it. I have heard the date of Oct. 17th mentioned more than once.

knb said...

Dame, I think it's too early to tell overall. An awful lot can happen yet.