Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Gee, What a Surprise!

According to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, the "new" government hasn't been telling us the truth about their tax cuts.

It seems that they have been inflating the amount of tax reduction they have brought to bear since being elected. What a shock, Jim Flaherty fudging the numbers!

"Three tricks were used to arrive at the larger -- and more impressive -- figure. The Conservatives magically credit themselves $500 million for enacting measures announced in the 2005 Liberal budget; they include an income supplement program for the working poor worth $1.2 billion as a tax cut instead of properly classifying it as an expenditure; and mysteriously calculate the 2006 budget's half-point personal income tax increase as a multibillion dollar tax reduction.''

Of course, we in Ontario are all too familiar with Flim Flam Flaherty's way with numbers, given that he hid a $5.6 billion deficit while in government here.

My only shock is that anyone would be surprised to learn that this guy is as duplicitous as they come.


Anonymous said...

KNB I don't know if its fact I've seen the article early on today. But isn't always the case when government cuts taxes they always seem to exaggerate it? All governments have done it in the past and unfortunate it will be done in the future!!

Every time we have a surplus is because we over pay in taxes don't
you agree?

KNB don't you think
that Paul martin hasn't
exaggerate tax cuts in the past ?

But what I do know is that this government is
more serious in cutting
taxes then the Liberal
government this i have no

Now Mr.Harper our P.M. has stated that he
would lower another 1%
of GST tax before is mandate in 2009 is over that is if he isn't overthrown before then
which it doesn't seem its going to happen.

You see KNB I have no
problems criticizing this
government!;)I just hope your able to admit that the Liberal government has done the same thing can you?

Anonymous said...

KNB I know this is out of topic but i saw this Bad News!

I assume that everyone
is in agreement with me to send the very best our prayers and thoughts to their families and friends its thanks to these people and people before them that we live in a free country i think we all agree to this politics aside.

burlivespipe said...

First, yes let's pray for those who've died and comfort their family. Our men and women in uniform are our best.

Now, to Jonny's rant... First point he seems to make is classic CON - Everyone else did it, so we should be allowed to do it too!
Try that defence in court, Jonny...

In no budget at no time did Paul Martin try to foist a personal tax increase as a tax reduction. You see Jonny, not even the liberal-minded media could hide that bullcrappy from its publishers. But just come out of your economic closet, Jonny... You love the debt! Your ilk harp on about how all those cuts made by the Chretien gov't hurt various programs and people -- and then when you're in office, now that we've had eight straight budgets in the black, and start cutting things like museums, programs for literacy, policing programs, programs for disadvantaged. And then start spending like a drunkin NdPer! C'mon, Jonny, wave the flag loud and proud and admit it, 'I love debt!'

And by the way, you must be dreaming about a good ol' fashion Harpor monopoly, since elected gov'ts aren't overthrown in an election. They are booted out. Martin was booted out, not overthrown. But keep on speaking your republikan speak. We see right thru you, Jonny!

Anonymous said...


"Now, to Jonny's rant... First point he seems to make is classic CON - Everyone else did it, so we should be allowed to do it too!
Try that defence in court, Jonny..." Please
before we can go on show
with this debate show me where i said " Everyone else did it, so we should be allowed to do it too!"
If you can't I wish that
you would have the decency to apologies!!

knb said...

I just posted on it John, but don't know enough. I don't pray, but I have a great deal of respect for the soldiers who are taking their orders. My heart breaks every time another loses his or her life.

Anonymous said...

Dear LA&M
Jimmy is a failed Mike Harris cabinet minister.
The tragedy is Steve appointed him as finance minister.
That says it all..
Not quite
He also put Baird and Tony Cement in cabinet as well.
Doesn't anyone remeber how badly thet screwed up Ontario?